Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Louise James - Thriller/Suspense Author

Louise James, Author of Suspense/Mystery

     Louise James is nestled off the coast of Georgia busy writing a murder and suspense novel Sacred Murder, Marci Perez, Book 1, which will be released 2012. With notes for six books in this series, a working title Deceitful Murder is the second installment and Beautiful Murder is the third.

Deanna: What or who inspired you to write in the suspense/ thriller genre?

Louise: My favorite authors are Stephen King (Dark Tower Series) and Patricia Cornwell (Kay Scarpetta Series). I love reading dark, suspenseful stories and I’m a huge fan of the Alex Cross movies; “Along Came a Spider”, “Kiss the Girls” and “Double Jeopardy”. So it would make sense to try a hand at writing in this genre.

Deanna: Love those authors and anyone who can write in that genre. How did you come by your main characters in Sacred Murder and please describe them for us.

Louise: Marci is definitely like Salli Richardson from Eureka. Smart and sexy! She is 28 yrs old, 5’ 10”, a brunette with mulatto skin and brown eyes; half Creole and Cuban. Marci is very fit and excels at everything she sets her mind on. She is the only child of Caroline and Ernesto Perez (deceased), and she is very close to her mom.
     Detective Bill Gammon, Marci’s partner, is a ringer for Bradley Cooper. Oh, yeah! Yum. He is divorced, no kids and loves football; his favorite team being the Saints of course. Bill hides his true feelings for Marci; most of the time.
     I love the chemistry between Richard and Kate on Castle, Kay Scarpetta and Benton Wesley in Patricia Cornwell’s books and, Benson and Stabler on Law and Order SVU. Readers will see several emotions rise between Marci and Gammon throughout the series.

Deanna: How do you pick locations for your stories?

Louise: I came up with the characters first in Scared Murder, then the plot and since there is voodoo in the story, New Orleans fit as the location. During the series, however, Marci will travel to other cities to help solve murder cases as a consultant. She gets that good at it.

Deanna: Readers love series because they get to stay in touch with the characters and see what happens to them. Do you write under a pen name?

Louise: Yes, my significant other and I write in another genre under our real names.

Deanna: Where can readers find out more about you and Sacred Murder, and future works?

Louise: My links are below and readers can also view Chapter One on fReado. Join the site and play games to win books and Amazon gift cards!


Sacred Murder, Marci Perez Book 1

Available Fall 2012 on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, OmniLit and Smashwords

     Working for the Orleans Parrish, Police Narcotic Marci Perez and her partner, Bill Gammon, keep drug dealers off the street. It’s a hard job, but Marci loves her profession and is up for promotion to Detective.
     However, the murder of three women connected to an escort service will have the homicide department recruiting Marci to work undercover. This fresh start in her career opens her eyes to a whole new world of murder and underground crime.
     Sacred Murder is darkened with evil voodoo and a twisted killer. Will Marci Perez be the only one who can stop the maniac?

Read an Excerpt from Chapter One 
and a snippet of Chapter Two HERE.

Deanna: Louise, thank you for visiting this week. Readers, Louise is giving away an e-Book copy of Sacred Murder upon release to two lucky readers. Enter the Rafflecopter below and good luck.

Louise: Thank you for having me here. I’d like to share Author Elodie Parkes’ review on the excerpts with everyone. When I opened her email it made my day!

     'Firstly, knew the characters Gammon and Marci right away, they just clicked, the report Marci wrote and the way she speaks is very familiar, it's the style that we know from this kind of book and other media so you do identify straightaway
      Lovely way you transfer her feelings to the reader about her assignment when she lies to her partner and then talks with her mother
     The killer in the basement part is very chilling and suspenseful, snappy dialogue and fast moving for the beginning of the book so that readers are captured.
   I find books written in the present harder to engage with because culturally all the books I have studied, and read actually now I think about it, are written with the past narrative style and that's how I was taught to write fiction, but that doesn't mean it's correct, it's just that I was taught script and screen writing, and that uses present, so I always look upon the style you have used and see it as a screen play. It's very hard to write the way you have; there are so many things to think about when writing in the present.
    Just from this small taste it looks to be a very good concept, and I can imagine people who like this genre wanting to read the book.
     I found the second chapter very strong, not that the first wasn't as it set scenes and expectations, but something unpleasant and menacing raised its head in the second chapter and that's just what makes great stories in this genre; the awful anticipation of things to come and the hope that Marci stays safe and gets the bad guy.
     This could be a kick ass book.' 

Deanna:  I've been reading also... you all are going to want to grab this one and not just the e-book! Louise, we're hoping it comes out in paperback, too! 

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