Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sale!!! No Turning Back now .99!

Now on Sale!
For a limited time!

     I've made the price change at Smashwords and the other online stores should show the price change within a week or so! This is for those who have not yet read the book so that you'll recognize characters in the upcoming release of Whispers at Ghost Point. I've reincarnated the souls of the characters into the future where they aren't sure why they've been brought together and how their pasts were linked. A ghost truly could destroy her future!

     Whispers at Ghost Point is a stand alone book and reading No Turning Back isn't necessary but may make the read even more fun if you fall in love with Nathan and Vanessa. You can read Ch 1 of Whispers by clicking the book on the left side. I'm so close to being finished but you can watch my progress on the left also. I can't wait to work on the book trailer! Thank you for stopping in and I hope you share the post on your favorite links!