Sunday, October 28, 2012

St Augustine Lighthouse!

Touring St Augustine Lighthouse

      First, just being in this historic city is amazing! St George Street is alive with tourists roaming little shops that offered items from talented store owners.

     The excitement continued as we took our Dark of the Moon Tour through the lighthouse and keepers' house with nothing but our tiny light stick. All of us were hoping to see and feel the spirits of past keepers and their children who had died there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience that but you know I tried! I also made it up all 219 steps to stand on the lookout deck at the top! I’ll be sharing pictures later so please come back to check them out!


     We also toured the interactive Pirate Museum where I took more great pictures and some got to fire a cannon on deck a ship. We put on head phones and listened to pirates whisper in our ears in a dark room so we could experience what it might have been like down in the hold of a ship. Blackbeard whispered about how he slit the throats of those who tried to steal his loot and have their way with his barrels of rum.

       I’ll post again as we make our way toward Savannah to spend time with Louise James! Speaking of which, if you'd like to join me at my first blog stop for the Whispers tour, head over HERE and get in on the contest where Louise is hosting me on her blog! See you there!
     I hope you come back to enjoy what we get to see there. Thank you for stopping in and I’ll chat with you shortly!