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Meet Jamie Salisbury - Romance Author

 Jamie Salisbury
Romance Author

Come on in and gather 'round as we get in-depth with Jamie. She's about to five us an inside scoop on her series, The Tudor Dynasty. I've read book one, Tudor Rose...amazing read! I felt as though I were right there in the story with the characters! Jamie, you did an amazing job and I can't wait to find time to read Tudor Rubato! Readers, I hope once you've read the post, you'll grab your own copies of The Tudor Dynasty and follow as it grows! I give the floor over to Jamie Salisbury!

Thank you, Deanna. I so appreciate being here with our readers and the newbies who don't know me yet. Lately, since the release of Tudor Rubato, I have heard a question pop up again and again...How did you come up with the idea?
I was caught off guard since Tudor Rose has been out for a year and the question has never arisen before. Without going into details about the characters (Don't want to spoil a future book in the works! *wink* I can dispel to you how I came up with the concept for the series.
My professional background has been quite versatile, with the "meat and potatoes" lying in public relations. Before I did though, I fulfilled a dream of sorts. I managed and did public relations for a band; a pretty successful band. I traveled the country and Europe; really became a nomad of sorts.
When I did have time alone, I found myself keeping a journal of sorts about where we were, what it was like, what the guys were up to… After I had retired from the business, I started my own public relations firm and the journals got put aside in the proverbial drawer, never to see the light of day again.
Wrong! While looking for old manuscripts to redo or polish up for my new career as an indie author, I found the journals. Upon reading them several times, I knew I had something. After several weeks of reading and re-reading them, writing notes and thinking of almost nothing else, I began writing Tudor Rose.

My four book series has now grown into at least three more books in development on top of the original four, not including an idea for a spinoff series! The Tudor Dynasty has taken on a life of its own!
To answer one other question: yes, some of the characters are based on real life people who are actually in the music industry! I'll leave it to you to figure out which ones. . .
In the meantime, I'd like to share an excerpt from Tudor Rubato:


I closed the front door and found Amadeus back in the kitchen helping himself to a huge slice of the blackcurrant pie. He certainly had no problem finding the plates and forks.

“Amadeus! I was going to warm the pasties so we could eat first.”

“But I’m starving.”

“So am I. Put it down. I’ll heat up these pasties so we can eat. Why don’t you open the bottle of wine. And put that pie down!”
“Mmm, okay,” he mumbled as he crammed his mouth full of pie.
I walked over and snatched the plate out of his hand, knowing full well he would eat the entire piece while we waited for the main course. Fortunately for us, the pasties were still fairly warm and I popped them into the microwave for a minute just to make them hot.
I found a corkscrew in a drawer and tossed it to him as I looked for a couple of wine glasses. I took two out of the cabinet and walked them over to him. As I laid them down, the buzzer on the microwave beeped letting me know the pasties were ready. I plated them, grabbed a couple of forks and walked over to the kitchen table situated along a cheerful large window. Amadeus quickly followed and placed a glass next to me as he sat down across the table.
The food was good, and we were both hungrier than we thought. We devoured all four of the pasties before Amadeus was back at his slice of pie. My mind was still spinning with the events of the day. It had been quite a long day for that matter, but I was too keyed up for sleep.
Instead I got up, gathered the dishes and put them in the dishwasher before I walked back over to where Amadeus sat, still at the kitchen table. I began to massage his neck and shoulders.
“How does that feel?”
“God you’ve got good hands. That feels wonderful.”
I knew beneath the table Amadeus was hard as granite, the blood running like lava through his veins, and I knew where this was going if I kept touching him.
I moved his hair to one side and began kissing him against the nape of his neck and smiled as a shudder rippled through him.
“Amadeus,” I cooed softly, “would you like to check out our new bedroom?”
It was all the encouragement he needed. Noisily he shoved back his chair and hauled me into his arms. “Why go all the way upstairs to the bedroom, love?”
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  1. Hi Everyone! It's me, Jamie!
    Thanks for having me Deanna!
    I'll be checking back throughout the day to answer questions or just say "hi"!

  2. Welcome Jamie! I'm so excited for you and your new series! These books will reach the top of the charts and I know our readers will want to help get you there!

    Book one was amazing, readers! I hope you grab your copy! Check out her websites and read more about the books!

  3. Got my fingers crossed. The books sound great!

  4. Awesome post ! My third question is when do you ever incorporate family members into your books ?