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Meet Futuristic/SciFi Author - Hywela Lyn!

Hywela Lyn
Futuristic/SciFi Author

      Thank you for stopping in to meet Hywela Lyn and to take a step into one of her fantasy worlds. The small shuttle ship glides through the atmosphere and makes a perfect landing on the snowy plain which stretches as far as the eye can see. We have arrived on the snowy planet, Earth Colony Niflheim, named after the Norse land of mist and cold. The planet is inhabited by telepathic settlers from old Earth, and a room in the Great Hall has been made available to us for our interview.
      In the distance, nestled beneath the jagged mountains, the settlement of Gladsheim waits to welcome the visitors. Don’t worry, the buildings are so comfortable and warm inside you will forget how cold it is outside; the inhabitants of the settlement are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. Niflheim may be chilly and hostile in the uninhabited areas, but here it is very beautiful. The drifts of pink snow are not just reflections from the distant red giant sun, but a natural phenomenon. Despite the cold, tiny blossoms adorn the long thin branches of the trees and wildflowers grow all around the settlement, and on the shores of the lake, around which many of the dwellings are built.

Lyn: Hi Deanna, thank you so much for inviting me to be interviewed this week and for making the long journey to be with me on one of my favourite planets, Niflheim, which features in my novel ‘Starquest’ and the sequel ‘Children Of The Mist’.

Deanna:  The pink snow is wonderful. Who would have thought? Your imagination has to kick in to write these types of stories for your readers! What else do you do along with your writing?

Lyn: I have two horses, and love to spend time with them – many of my plots have been dreamed up on the back of a horse! I also love walking my dog, a rescued Jack Russell terrier, and I enjoy photography. I used to oil paint but just don’t have time these days, and of course I love reading, especially science fiction, fantasy and romance, or a mixture of all three.

Deanna:  What do you do to relax?

Lyn: Relax? What’s that? *grin* I do enjoy listening to instrumental type music, country music, and some classical, and reading of course.

Deanna:  As authors, we’ve sometimes been accused of being several people. How many personalities live in your mind?

Lyn: *Sigh*  Too many.  My current heroine and hero, and several previous characters, especially Jess, my heroine from Starquest. She’s really a part of me! They tend to argue with me – a lot!

Deanna: At least they're talking to you! Mine love to tell me how to change story lines. Some authors aren't that lucky. What is your strongest area in writing: plotting, character personality, dialogue, etc?

Lyn: I think characters are my strongest area. I love writing dialogue between characters, so I suppose both characterization and dialogue. I’m not too good at plotting, I rely on the characters to do that for me!

Deanna:  It's a help when the characters do chime in to add to the plots. Can you work on more than one book at a time?

Lyn: At the moment I have my current WIP and two more on the back burner! However once the first draft is written, I prefer to finish revising one book completely before moving on to the next.

Deanna:  How long does it take you to write a book?

Lyn: Too long! I’m a slow writer. Or at least I write the first draft fairly quickly but then it takes me ages to rewrite and revise until I think it’s fit to send off to a publisher. It all depends on the book though.

Deanna:  What is your editing process?

Lyn: I read through the first draft and make a few amendments as I go, but really I’m just reading to see if it ‘flows’ and makes sense. The second time I go through and do a fair bit of deleting and rewriting. I also check for typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors. My crit partners will have been given my second draft, so I incorporate their suggestions as well, provided I agree with them of course. This usually involves some emailing back and fore to discuss things we may or may not agree on. Then when I think I’ve caught everything, I give a final read through and even then, it may take one more reading and editing process before I feel able to let it go!

Deanna:  What is your favourite way to connect with readers?

Lyn: Readers can contact me through my website, comment on my Blog or on my Facebook page or Email me at  I really don’t mind, I just love hearing from them!

Deanna:  Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Lyn: Well, I usually check and answer my emails before breakfast, because I am not a ‘morning person’ and checking emails is about all I’m capable of until I start to wake up. Then I do any blog posts I have outstanding and check my diary to make sure I haven’t missed anything. As I said earlier, I have two horses and a dog. Unfortunately we don’t have our own land and the horses are kept about half an hour’s car journey from where we live, so that it takes a fair chunk out of the afternoon by the time we’ve traveled there, fed them watered them and cleaned up the paddock and shelter. Then I usually take my dog for a walk down the bridle path. I don’t ride much now, and in the winter there just isn’t time. If I’m really busy though, hubby is very good and will see to them for me. I love my animals and wouldn’t be without them, but it does mean that most of my writing has to be done in the early evening or late at night, but that suits me – I’m awake then!

Deanna:  Do your books have a common theme or are they all different and do you write in more than one genre?

Lyn: Well they’re all romances! It took me a while to realize that everything I wrote ended up as a love story, so I just gave into it and went ‘with the flow.’ America was ahead of the UK in acknowledging that romance covers all genres, so I submitted my first full length novel to the Wild Rose Press and was thrilled to have it accepted in the ‘Faery Rose’ line. Hmm, yes I think I’ve strayed a little from your original question. Apart from the romance, I think another theme that runs through my books is that of the protagonist having their mind set on one thing and finally achieving or finding something different, which makes them far happier than they could have imagined.
      ‘Starquest’ is a futuristic/Science Fiction romance. I followed it up with a sequel, ‘Children Of The Mist’ and am currently working on a third in what looks like becoming a trilogy, although I didn’t set out to write one! I also write the occasional fantasy, mainly set in medieval Wales or England, and have had Western Historical short stories published here in the UK. In fact, I have a Western Historical novel waiting for me to find time to work on it. I would also love to have a go at ‘Steampunk’ romance, it is such a ‘fun’ genre.

Deanna:  Lyn, I have to tell you how much I love historical novels set in England, Scotland or Ireland. The history fascinates me and even though we know it wasn't all so romantic, we try to keep that alive. Thank you for being with us all week. I'm sure our readers will have many questions for you.

Lyn: You ask the best questions, Deanna, I’ve really enjoyed this interview.  Before we head back to the ship that will take us back to earth, I’d like to offer a download of either ‘Starquest’ ‘Children Of The Mist’ or my Fantasy novella ‘Dancing With FatePlus a $10 Gift card, to a random commenter who tells us what their ideal planet would be like, and who they’d like to share it with. Be sure to leave your comment with email addy and what format you'd need if you win.

About the author: 
      Hywela Lyn lives in a small village in England, with her long suffering husband Dave,  although her heart remains in her native rural Wales, which inspired so much of her writing.
      Although most her writing tends to be futuristic, the worlds she creates are usually untainted by crowded cities and technology, embracing the beauty and wildness of nature.  Her characters often have to fight the elements and the terrain itself.  Her heroes are strong and courageous, but chivalrous and honourable - and of course, handsome and hunky. Her heroines are also strong and courageous, but retain their femininity and charm.  However difficult the journey, love will always win in the end.
      A keen animal lover, she has two horses. a rescued Jack Russell and two 'ferel'  cats.
      Her  first novel, a futuristic romance released by the Wild Rose Press was followed by a sequel 'Children Of The Mist'.  Lyn is working on a third story in the series.

      She is a member of The Romance Novelists' Association (UK)  and EPIC. Hywela invites you to visit her website and meet her characters, check out her books and visit her blog.

Contest:  One e-book plus a $10 gift card to one lucky commenter! The winner will be picked on Saturday, Feb 2.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me here today Deanna, It's been such fun showing you and your readers around just one of my futuristic worlds.

  2. I absolutely loved Starquest, and then the follow up, "Children of the Mist". If anyone is a true fan of the Star Trek series and of Star Wars, you MUST read Lyn's two books. She is a top-notch writer and these books rank right up there with these popular movies!

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  6. Lyn, I didn't realize you're a fellow western romance writer. You are so versatile! Keep those books coming.

  7. I really enjoyed the interview. It is always so interesting to hear about a successful author.


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    Thanks so much for your kind comment - yes I wrote Western historicals before I ventured into futuristic' and really love the genre.

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