Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be positive in your thinking everyday!

Thank you, Readers!

       I decide a few weeks ago to make my book FREE so more people could read it. There are only thirteen or so pages in it, but I do believe there's a message in there that's helped many people already and I wanted more to get the message! To my surprise...and due to all of you who grabbed a FREE book hit #3 on the self-help charts! I was amazed to see that because I had no idea that would even happen. Today it's #6 and I'm still excited about that. If you've not downloaded your copy, I hope you do. My website has the buy links to all the online sites and it is FREE at all of them or should be. For you...I hope you get the message of the book!
       It's too easy for many people to wake up daily and be on the 'wrong side of the bed' so to speak. That's happened to all of us but it doesn't have to ruin the entire day. Recognize that your mood isn't the way you want to feel all day and make a point right then and there to change the way you're thinking. Our thoughts have so much to do with what we pull into our lives - or rather, 'karma' that we gather around us.
      Yes, YOU can change your life by changing your thoughts and it IS that easy. Some days we disagree with that statement and that's long as you don't make a daily habit of it. Change your habit of thinking badly because it IS a habit. We attract what we think. As I state in my book, just by thinking and envisioning what you want your life to be like and what you want IN your life, you can change what life brings to you. Each day can be a new experience but first you have to think about it that way.
      Each day depends on what we think about and that starts before we even roll out of bed. As we're waking up, consider what's coming to mind as you breathe in and start your day. Make a concerted effort to think day at a time...and before you know it, you've changed your bad habit of bad thinking.
    If this post has helped you at all, please share it on FB, Twitter or Google+ via the share buttons at the end of the post. May your days ahead be a little brighter and may each day include a little more of the great things you're pulling into your life! Think of a new path you can take each day. Thank You!!

Take a new path to new thinking...

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