Saturday, February 9, 2013

E-Book Giveaways and more!!

E-books, Paperbacks, 
& Gift Cards!

      To help you win faster, I've listed the sites to click over to and get your entries in. Some are my contests and some are contests run by other authors and blogs. Have fun and good luck!

(be sure to scroll all the way down her blog
to see all the great books and prizes listed!)

Whisper's Paperback at GoodReads
(drawing February 28th)

Deanna's Necklace Giveaway
(drawing February 28th)

(Feb 10-18)

      There are so many contests going on in February so I hope you're able to get into as many as you can. On Sunday, my Valentine's Day contest begins for a dinner card and you'll get it in time to use for Thursday night dinner! Be sure to come back here and get into the contest. It'll only be for three days...I know, not much time to enter, so you'll have to mark your calendar to stop back here.

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     I can only continue to do giveaways as long as my books sales keep going so please let your friends know about my romance books! I so appreciate your support. Leaving reviews on Amazon, B & N, and Smashwords helps others find my books, too!

Feel free to comment there and chat with other readers!

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  1. Your book sound fabulous, can't wait to read it.

    I entered under the name of Virginia.