Saturday, February 23, 2013

Romantic Suspense at the Lighthouse

 Whisper at the Lighthouse!

      I've been a lighthouse fanatic for as long as I can remember and I love talking with others who love visiting them. Each one I've visited has a different feel to it. Whether walking around the outside or exploring inside the keeper's house or the tower, I always wondered about the people who took care of the place so many years ago. I know they had to love keeping watch over the waters that lay before them or they wouldn't have done it. Some raised their families at the keeper's house while some kept watch through a lonely vigil, waiting to be of assistance to a capsized vessel on their watch.
     Some visitors can feel the spirits right away and by touching the walls or stair railing, they instantly get a sense of who the spirit is. If they're lucky, they get a message from those individuals. Were they all good spirits from those ships that sank before help could arrive? Or are some evil spirits set on taking out their revenge on visitors because they no long live?
     This brings us to the very real possibility that their spirits still roam the grounds and inside the home and tower. Have you heard the sound of steps on the quiet iron stairway leading to the top? Did you take pictures and perhaps capture a spirit in your photo whether it be an orb, a mist or an actual apparition?
     I invite you to leave a comment just because I find this so interesting! Which is why I wrote my newest book, Whispers at Ghost Point, about my heroine wanting to remodel an abandoned lighthouse. She just wasn't prepared to meet up with such an evil spirit inside, nor the man she meets there to be part of a past she knew nothing about!
     I hope I've interested you enough that you take a chance on buying my new book, Whispers at Ghost Point. My characters have lived and loved before but are totally unaware of the past they had together. Join them as they discover the evil that still follows them everywhere! My website tells you more about the characters, places they visited and I've included a book trailer for you. Please enjoy your visit!

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  1. I would love to visit a lighthouse. Sadly there are none close that I know of. I have seen on the Ghost Hunters show where they have gone to lighthouses and everything they find something. Like noises or seeing a figure. I find lighthouses interesting too. Wonder what it was like for the people in charge of them.
    Sue B