Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Happenings!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Congratulations to:
Christine B
Dinner Card Winner!

     I'm happy to be able to giveaway so many great things to my readers and I thank all of you for stopping by to get in on my contests but they aren't over yet! You can still get in on the necklace giveaway (and I'll be adding additional gift cards to that drawing even though it doesn't state that!), the signed copy of Whispers (over on the left at GoodReads) plus check my previous post where I listed other sites that are doing giveaways. Some have ended but many are still going on! is also having a party!
      I hope you have a fun sexy evening planned for your partner. Who wants to share what their plans are? Don't be shy, we want some ideas. Are you sharing chocolate covered strawberries and champagne? Yum! My honey has gifted me with tickets to a wine tasting and dinner and....I received a dozen roses last, pink and white! I also gave him a dozen yellow roses on Monday so he could enjoy them all week!
     If you're in a giving mood and want to help ME...please click over to GoodReads, sign in and vote for Whispers at Ghost Point. It's currently at #29 but I'm hoping it can move up the chart with your help this weekend! Thank you for clicking over to vote.
     Another surprise happened for me on Wednesday...a week or so ago I decided to make Unleash Your Inner Strength FREE. When I checked my sales stats, I couldn't believe the number of FREE downloads that had taken place nor the #3 spot the book jumped into! OMG! I smiled all day! If you've not downloaded your FREE copy, click over to my website page, then click your favorite online store to download the book!