Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
to all of you!

     I hope your day was filled with love and enjoyed by family and friends. As spring opens to us, along with new blossoms, fill your mind with positive changes you want in your life. Smile at others and change their life! Yes, it's that easy. If they choose not to change their own life, at least you know you tried. Slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy your friends. Open new doors for yourself and try new things. We can only experience new if we step out of our comfort zone. You can do it!
     Along with new beginnings, my latest book, Whispers at Ghost Point, could be a great new read for you if you've not read it yet. Regardless of the type of e-reader you have, Whisper's is in that format. Stop by my website and click on the site you use to download your books and grab a copy!! The e-book is only $3.99 - I hope you read and enjoy my characters as they walk the streets of Wilmington NC and Savannah GA!

New excerpt for you:

No other cars sat in the parking lot of the lighthouse; she half hoped Brad would be here already so they could all go inside together. Dana pulled up to the parking area right in front of the No Trespassing sign then looked at Sarah. “Since we have the keys, I don’t think we’ll be considered trespassers anymore.”
“Lucky for you!” Sarah unbuckled her seatbelt, grabbed her camera and got out. “Hurry up, I want inside!”
Dana got out with her camera, put the strap over her head so it would hang in front of her, grabbed the broom from her trunk and locked the car. She walked over to stand next to Sarah and surveyed the property. Her gaze immediately went to the tower and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. “Tell me I’m not the only one who feels as though we’re being watched...”
“That would explain why I have goose bumps all over me.” Sarah stepped closer. “The feelings seem to come from the tower more than the house itself. That’s odd,” she said, and began snapping a few pictures of the house, the tower and yard around the house.
Dana snapped a few of her own, then reached into her pocket for the keys, heading toward the porch with her broom. “Come on, let’s find out why.”
At the bottom of the steps to the front porch, Dana couldn’t help but take one last look up at the tower.
No shadows. No face looking back at her even though she could feel being watched.
Sarah nudged her shoulder. “Stop it. Let’s just go in. Maybe I’ll sense more inside. All I’m seeing right now is old English frigates sailing on the ocean...but there seems to be a black flag flying on the ship; that’s odd, too. I sure hope this stuff makes more sense to me one day.”
Dana brushed a few cobwebs off the door then held the key tight in her shaking hand as she stared at the door knob. This is what she’d waited so long to do and now here she was. Her muscles tensed as she contemplated what might be on the inside waiting for her.
Could she deal with all that might be unleashed on her and Sarah?
Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she wondered if they should wait for Brad.
Her heart pounded in her ears.
Air felt trapped in her lungs as though a metal band surrounded her ribs.
She inserted the key with trembling fingers and turned the rusty knob. When it seemed stuck, she turned to look at Sarah.
“Won’t it open?”
“No.” Dana pushed again.
Now she leaned her shoulder against the door and pushed a little harder. The squeaking hinges grated on her ears but she slowly shoved it all the way open and removed the key. “Grab the broom. I think we’re going to need it just to make our way through the house.” She waved away a web directly in front of her face. “I hate spiders!”
Taking a few more steps inside on the dusty hardwood floors, closely followed by Sarah, the two stood listening to the silence around them. Dana turned to look at a wide-eyed Sarah but couldn’t bring herself to say a word as she continued to listen.
Birds cawed outside but inside...only an eerie silence surrounded them.
Sarah closed her eyes, putting her fingers against her temple. She swayed and Dana thought she might have to reach out to Sarah so she wouldn’t fall. Suddenly her eyes flew open, her pupils enlarged and her color had faded fast. She could only stare at Dana who waited patiently to hear what vision she’d seen.
Dana knew by now that this was how the spirits around her contacted Sarah, if indeed there were she doubted that fact! She snapped a picture of Sarah, hoping later it might show something that would help them. “What did you get?”
Sarah continued to stare wide-eyed at her for a few moments more. “I hope this isn’t how it’s going to be every time we visit here. He isn’t letting me through, but I’m getting a vision of a long haired man in period clothing, much like a grubby pirate. That might explain the black flag I sensed on the English frigate earlier.”
Dana’s excitement peeked as her nerves calmed. “Maybe a pirate ship sank out there two hundred years ago! How exciting! Come on, let’s look around. We’ve waited so long to be in here.”
Fingers wrapped around her upper arm and Sarah spun Dana around to face her. “Do not go anywhere in here alone...stay with me at all times...please?”
Dana searched her eyes for clues of what she meant, wondering what she may have seen but not told her.
Sarah clicked a few pictures of the rooms from the foyer area. “Just trust me on this. You lead the way, I’m right behind you.”

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