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Historical Readers LOVE London!

Historical Readers
Love London!

      Wouldn't you love to walk up those stairs and roam through the castle you KNOW has to be at the top? The view of the sea has to be gorgeous! I'd love to roam the cold, damp corridors of an old castle that sits atop a precipice overlooking the sea. I think, as readers, you have to agree with me that London is one of the most romantic places for our stories to be set. Is it the thought of being swept off our feet by the handsome duke or kidnapped and taken aboard a pirate ship? Then again, those lavish balls, the orchestras, being held in the arms of a strong hero as he glides us over the floor as we dance...*happy sigh*

      If you're like me, the visions are endless...which is why I wrote my own historical romance. No Turning Back has all of this and more! There are carriage rides through London, horseback riding in St. James Square, drinking with the hero and his friends in a local pub and maybe best of all ...sword fights with pirates!

     I'm pretty excited today about having Captain Nathaniel Clairmont here to chat with us for a bit. I've pulled him from the pages and know he can't stay long. He's my handsome hero from No Turning Back, a respected ship captain, friend and breeder of horses, he loves to ride, but loves the ocean just as much. And here’s a secret - he’s also a Duke!


DJ:  Nathan, your home in Scarborough, England sounds like a wonderful place, overlooking the ocean. How long has the castle been in your family?
NC: Thank you for having me here to meet your readers. The fortress has been in my family for over one hundred years. A castle's structure is cold and damp so I do what I can to keep it warm and comfortable inside. I've done some reconstruction inside and out due to the age so it won't crumble down around me. I've collected tapestries from around the world and those hang on the walls to help keep the heat inside. I enjoy walking out on the parapets that look out onto the water, to listen to the crashing waves on warm summer evening.
DJ: With all your travels and time at court with the King, I envision all types of women wanting to get to know you better. Tell us what you look for in a woman who might interest you.

NC:  *Nathan rubs his chin*  I would have to start with height. I like tall women, with a nice smile but doesn't constantly giggle and chatter. Is that a good start? I want to be able to read her eyes, the windows to a woman's soul. I'm a fairly good judge of character. I like a smart woman who is able to hold a conversation; beauty is nice but there is more to a female than good looks.
DJ: Well that gives us a list of attributes to start with. My readers place themselves in the heroine's character you know; they all want to be in my story with YOU! Are you the type of man who doesn't like getting tied down to one relationship, play the field, so to speak?
NC:  *he has a deep laugh* I don't have time to play the field, Deanna. The King keeps me pretty busy at court or traveling on his behalf and when I'm not doing that, I'm at my home where I breed beautiful horses. The woman of my dreams will share that love with me. I like to think of myself as a one-woman man and our love will last a lifetime, if I'm lucky enough to find that.
DJ:  So, have you found the woman of your dreams, Nathan?
NC: I can't answer that without giving things away, now can I. *he gives me a sexy wink*  I've had my share of women in my life but I want to settle down one day, to have children, someone to leave my home to.
DJ: When you're on the ocean...sailing...are you at home there? Do you feel in control of something larger than life?
(notice the orb under the bench!)
NC: I was raised aboard ships. My father took me with him when he sailed and I learned how to read the water, to know when I don't have control because the sea takes orders from no one. A captain depends on a good crew to help keep the ship safe and I have that in my crew. I trust them with my life.
DJ:  We all have enemies. Care to enlighten us about a few of yours?

NC:  Hmmm.....Langley has been a thorn in my side since childhood. We didn't necessarily run in the same circles of London society, but he did attend some of the same entertainment and events such as a local ball or two. He was jealous of the ease at which I could talk with women and there were a few females, I guess one could say, that I turned in my direction. His jealous nature is also part of the reason he can't keep a woman; that and he's bloody greedy.

DJ:  Nathan, thank you for taking the time to be here with us. I know our readers have been thrilled to know you a little better. Can you stick around for a few questions?

NC:  I can do that. I can't wait to hear what questions they might have for me! A few readers have made comments and here's the link to the book trailer for those who've not seen it yet:

DJ:  I can't be responsible for their actions or questions, you know! So be prepared...we look forward to it. Again, thank you!
NC:  My pleasure!
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