Monday, May 27, 2013

Back from vacation! Let's reconnect!

Halawa Bay
Molokai, Hawaii

     We had a wonderful vacation in Molokai - the least commercialized island and nearly had every beach to ourselves that we visited. The people were great, the food awesome and I tried my best to relax but...I'm not good at that! LOL I feel like I've been away from talking to you for too long! Soon I'll post more pics on my FB page for those who want to know and see more as well as tell you about things in my newsletter. Not getting my newsletter yet? The signup is on the left sidebar!
    Now that I'm back and relaxed, I can get back to work on the sequel to Never Surrender! I still haven't decided on a title so if you'd like to leave a recommendation in the comments, feel free and let's see what we come up with! Below are links to previous posts for Never Surrender and each has a different excerpt for you to read. Be sure to click the book trailer! If you've not grabbed your copy of Never Surrender, click the links on the post and get your copy TODAY so you're ready for the sequel!

(with buy links)

 Now - What will the sequel be titled??
Help me out here...