Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bring out your FIREY side with Saltine Fire Crackers for the 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Week!

     I hope the temps are little cooler where you are but here in the Pacific NorthWest, our temps will be hitting 100 to 105, some cities even hotter. I guess I can be happy we aren't near Death Valley where it will be 130!
     Below is a recipe that we love at our house and I'd like to share the recipe with those of you who love everything hot and spicy to bring out your firey side. tttsssssss! Enjoy...Be sure to have a cool drink handy! And know that you can't eat just one!

1 2/3 cup vegetable oil
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. onion powder
opt: 1 t. cayenne pepper
1/2 t. black pepper
2 (1 oz pkgs) ranch dressing mix
3 T. red pepper flakes
4 sleeves Saltine crackers

Place the vegetable oil, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, ranch dressing mix, and crushed red pepper flakes in a 2-gallon plastic zipper bag. Seal the bag and smoosh with your hands to thoroughly combine the oil and spices. Place the crackers into the bag, seal, and turn the bag over to cover the crackers with the spice mix. Let the bag sit for about 1 hour, then turn again. Repeat several more times until the crackers are well-coated with spice mix, and allow the bag to sit overnight. Remove crackers and serve.

     If you need a hot read to go along with these crackers, check out my e-book, Never Surrender, my Indian time travel.

Have a SAFE 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Trailer Bonanza! Share YOUR trailer URL!

Watch the book trailer!

Dana: I can’t wait for readers to jump into the book with all of us. I’ve always had a soft spot for decorating which is why I got my contractor’s license - it also allowed me to do more in the area of remodeling. Meeting other contractors and builders isn’t bad either! *wink* I moved to Wilmington NC a year ago after my divorce and found the abandoned lighthouse on the coast while I worked at the Cape Fear Historical Society. I was fortunate enough to get a job remodeling their lighthouse projects we took on, but I recently opened my own shop and I’m so excited.

Deanna: Taking on the entire remodel of a lighthouse that’s stood empty for hundreds of years won’t be easy. Have you run into any roadblocks?

Dana: The lighthouse in question is owned by an individual who I found through my research but he refuses to return my phone calls. That in itself is annoying. I want inside the place to see what might need to be fixed and put some plans together. I don’t understand why this man won’t call me back, but my guess is that he’s too old to care about the place being fixed up or is a recluse not wanting to be bothered. The lighthouse is begging me to fix it up though. Why can’t he sense that? LOL

Deanna: Does the lighthouse talk to you when you visit or is it the ghosts who talk to you? That would be spooky!

Dana:  I have an ability to sense the spirits in old places but I still need to work on that. It is scary when they come around and they usually visit when you least expect them to. If I were better at my psychic abilities, I could learn who they are faster but it still scares me so I need to get over that if I want to use my ability to the fullest. When I sit on my deck at night, I can see the lighthouse across the inlet. The tower light flashes and there’s no way the electricity still works there! It couldn’t for as old as it is, so what makes the lights come on? I also sense a spirit or two there and the pull they have on me is getting stronger but I just can’t learn who they are.

Deanna:  You’ve become good friends with a co-worker at the Historical Society who has the ability to sense spirits. Tell us about that. Everyone is always interested in people who talk to ghosts!

Dana: Sarah and I have really gotten close since I moved to Wilmington.  She doesn’t let very many people know that she can speak to spirits…they think you’re crazy when they learn that! Even with all the shows on television these days, but I love it. Personally, I just need to learn how to distance myself and set up my circle of light for protection. I visited the lighthouse a few times without telling Sarah…yet she knows! She has a way of knowing what goes on without me even telling her!

Deanna: How does she feel about the lighthouse?

Dana: Oh my gawd! She isn’t keen on it at all! She said the spirits there aren’t at all friendly and that I need to quit going over there alone before something happens to me. She’s sat with me on my deck at night and we’ve both seen the lights come on. I think she knows more than she’s telling me about the spirits over there.

Deanna: Well that would make anyone jumpy to sense a spirit is evil. Maybe you need to listen to her and quit going over there.

Dana: I’m too nosey to stop going so the owner just needs to give me permission to go inside. I did meet a man on one of my visits there once. He said he was just a friend of the owner but wouldn’t tell me who the owner was. Too bad he wasn’t the owner - his eyes alone distracted me! But anyway, if I were able to get that lighthouse restored, it would help boost my business in Wilmington and the residents would be able to see what I can do. The work I’ve done on our historical lighthouse remodels has really helped too, but…I want inside the forbidden tower!

Deanna: You’ve lived in Wilmington for almost a year now. Any men you’re interested in?

Dana: With all the work I do remodeling and researching for the Historical Society and now starting my own business, I haven’t had time for dating and I really haven’t missed it. Taking time after my divorce to get my life back on track is what’s important to me now. I have to make a name for my business here so I can get to know the residents. Many of them have stopped by my new shop and have taken my card, saying they’ll call me when they start their remodels. I hope they do, I love to be busy!

Deanna: Dana, thanks for stopping in to chat with our readers.
      The book released a few days ago and is now out there! The characters in Whispers at Ghost Point are pulled into the present from my historical novel set in England 1778, No Turning Back. To know a bit more about the characters, you may want to read that book - it’s only $2.99.
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       Thank you all for stopping in to meet Dana from Whispers at Ghost Point. I hope I’ve piqued your interest just a bit and if so, you can read Chapter One by clicking HERE. I’ve also posted an excerpt HERE. I hope you enjoy reading it and meeting my characters.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ghostly happenings...any at YOUR house?

Whispers at Ghost Point
NEW Excerpt!

      Why is it with human nature that we enjoy being scared? I'm not sure either, but if it's a movie or a book, I want to watch/read it! Now a scary movie is different than those chainsaw massacre movies - that's not what I'm talking about. I love anything to do with the paranormal phenomenon...Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Society, Psychic Kids, Ghost Adventures, Ghostly Encounters...and I had to bring that venue into my book. Hubby and I did a ghost tour at the St Augustine Lighthouse back on October 28th, but didn't encounter any spirits although I did capture lots of orbs in my photos! We had an exciting time. We also toured the haunted jail in St Augustine camera wouldn't work inside the jail!! As soon as I stepped out onto a balcony to snap a shot of the hanging post, my camera worked again!

      Thank you to those who've read the book already and to those who haven't, I hope this week you'll grab your copy. Whispers is available in all formats at all online stores. Enjoy the excerpt...

“Dana! Sarah!” An out of breath worker from Jake’s crew ran up to the porch, pointing toward the shed. “You both have to come back here. Mitch is hurt! Hurry!”

“Oh my gawd!” A stab in her heart tightened Dana’s chest as she scrambled down the steps and ran around to the shed. Her feet couldn’t move fast enough and her mind swirled with all kinds of things that may have happened to Mitch. The guys surrounded him as he lay on the ground outside the shed and she pushed her way into the crowd, frantic to get to Mitch.

Jake had removed his own shirt and held it tight against Mitch’s head where she knelt beside him. Blood covered his face and Dana tried not to panic as she took his hand and called his name. He stilled breathed but wasn’t conscious.

She touched his face and turned him toward her, trying not to panic at seeing so much blood. “Mitch...I’m here. Don’t leave us. You can pull through this. Wake up.”

Relief eased the pain in her chest when his eyes fluttered but once they opened, the eyes looking back at her weren’t Mitch’s brown ones but glowing red eyes. Instant fear took hold of her heart and she fell backwards in an attempt to get away from the demon who had now taken over Mitch like it had her weeks ago.

The demon fought against those holding him but he lifted his head to glare at Dana. “He’s gone from you forever now! This is my body and you belong to me!”

All the crewmen stepped back at least a foot as the voice took over Mitch’s body and Dana reached out to Sarah but she had already made her way to Mitch’s side. She shouted orders to the men around her. “Hold him down as best you can. The demon will use all of Mitch’s strength to fight against us. Dana! The holy water is in my glove box. Get it!”

When Dana returned with the bottle in her shaking hand, Sarah straddled Mitch’s waist as his arms and thighs were pinned down by the workers. Jake still held the shirt against the head wound and held Mitch’s head tight as the demon struggled against those who held him down. The guttural, animal growls coming from Mitch were unlike any Dana had ever heard.

She handed the water to Sarah who immediately opened the bottle and sprinkled it over Mitch’s face and chest. The beast inside Mitch struggled violently against the holy water as Sarah shouted prayers of exorcism.

Dana could only watch in horror as the man she loved continued to be tormented by the demon she thought was gone. The animal wails coming from Mitch would forever be burned in her memory. She covered her mouth, not wanting to cry out but her heart broke into a million pieces as she watched Sarah work, praying her abilities could help end all this.

“Be gone from this body created by God. You are not welcome here. Leave us alone and be gone. Mitch does not belong to you and Dana does not belong to you. God, bless this body and protect it from the demon inside. Rid the evil spirits and let Mitch return!” Sarah sprinkled water as she shouted.

The demon lifted Mitch’s head and his glowing red eyes stared at Sarah. “I have taken over this body and it will be mine! I claim it and Dana, too!”

Fierce, guttural growls scared even the men as some turned their faces away but continued to hold Mitch tight. Dana felt helpless as she watched, her legs feeling useless beneath her.

How could she possibly help against an invisible demon? What did he want with her?

Dana wanted to comfort Mitch yet that wasn’t Mitch. She stood frozen where she was, watching the horror scene as the demon fought to remain inside Mitch. The guys had to sit on his legs so Sarah wouldn’t get thrown off as she doused the demon with holy water, still shouting prayers.

When the demon struggled and threw back his head to scream out, Sarah sprinkled holy water in Mitch’s mouth. Dana covered her ears but couldn’t close her eyes. Could she ever trust that the demon wouldn’t take Mitch from her again later on?

After a few minutes, the struggling ceased and Sarah prepared for another round should it start over. They all waited and watched as Mitch lay motionless. Not even his eyes fluttered.

Dana’s lungs burned as she remembered to breathe. Waiting would kill her yet she watched and waited even longer. Jake wiped Mitch’s face with part of the tee shirt covering the head wound.

Mitch groaned and the men gasped.

Dana prayed the torment was over when Mitch moved his head and Jake adjusted his position in case he needed to hold Mitch down again.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the story and want to know more of what happens for Dana and Mitch. Will the ghost succeed in tearing them apart?

Thank you for stopping in to read
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Erotic Excerpt - Never Surrender - a time travel romance & CONTEST!

Never Surrender
A Time Travel Romance

     Many have asked why I don't post the good stuff from this novel so here it is. I hope you enjoy it and share with those you think would like to get lost in time with a blue eyed warrior who will steal your heart. I do want to warn you that this IS more erotic than the other books I've written and the sequel will follow those same erotic details!
    Thanks for stopping in and for sharing on the social buttons at the bottom! Be sure to get in on the giveaway at the bottom - I'm picking TWO winners and giving away a signed PRINT COPY plus a $10 gift card!

Warning - Erotic Excerpt!

     Kate’s faint moans radiated a passionate message to every muscle in Taima’s taut body. Just knowing his gentle caress or tender kiss could cause such a reaction within her made his heart swell with a feeling he thought had died years ago. Yet those feelings made themselves known as he moved to lay atop Kate, careful to brace most of his weight on his elbows. He molded her soft curves to the contours of his body.
      He kissed the slender column of her neck. Her racing heartbeat fluttered beneath his lips. Desire welled within him, refusing to ebb, and his mouth claimed hers in a passionate kiss. Her eagerness reached his soul.
      Kate intertwined her fingers with his, and Taima stretched their arms over her head. Their breathing came in short, ragged puffs as he slipped his knee between hers. He half expected an objection, but none came, only a demanding response as Kate squeezed his fingers, arching her body against him. Her tongue enticingly slipped past his lips.
      Taima let go of one of her hands to caress a full breast, a slim waist, and the warmer curves of her body. She arched against the palm of his hand as he continued the caresses until she writhed beneath him.
      He broke from the kiss. “You’re sure this is what you want? I’ll not have you accusing me of anything once it’s finished.”
      She cupped his face in her small hands, her breathing warm against his cheek. “Know this is what I want, or I wouldn’t still be here.”
      Unable to hold back a moment longer, Taima entered her. When her moist lips and tongue touched his, he kissed her, thrusting deeply at the same time. Blood surged through his veins, heating his flesh even more as Kate’s hands caressed his chest, then moved down his sides to his hips, where she pulled him tightly against her.
      Withdrawing from the kiss, Taima cradled her head in the palms of his hands to bury his face in her silky, sage-scented hair. Excitement shot through his body like a wavering arrow, begging for a release that had been too long restrained. He wanted to wait for the right moment, but her quivering inner muscles tightened around him as she kept pace with his every move.
      The heat of her body made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. He thrust deep and she accepted him. Together, they found the tempo that bound their bodies as one. Then his world exploded like the rush of white-water over rocky rapids. Torrential waves of ecstasy pulsed through him until he lay spent, reveling in the aftermath of what he hadn’t felt in years for any woman. Drawing in a slow, even breath, he waited for his racing heart to slow.
      Slight tremors shivered through Kate as he held her tightly. He felt as though he never wanted to be separated from the warmth of her body. Crushing her to him, he pressed his mouth to hers. She responded passionately, nearly making his heart burst.
      Taima brushed her hair away from her face, and rose onto his elbows. He had finally made love without thoughts of Witashnah, nor feelings of guilt. Though he may have fulfilled a physical need for Kate, he had allowed her to tear apart his soul, to make him aware of feelings for her he hadn’t wanted to admit yet.
      Kate rose up to touch her lips to his. A soft, tender caress. “I’ll not have you accuse me of anything now that we’re finished,” she teased.
     “You don’t regret what we’ve just done?”
     “How could I regret something so beautiful?”
     Taima drew in a ragged breath, worried about her reaction to what he was about to say. “, you are my true wife.”
     A moment of silence passed between them.
     “I don’t understand.”
     He continued to hold her tight as he lay atop her, lest she decide to squirm from his grasp. “Since the first night you spent in my lean-to with me, you have been considered my wife by our people. It is our custom.”
    “You mean all two people have to do is sleep together in one lean-to and they are considered married?”
     “I can’t believe you kept that fact from me, allowing me to think otherwise.”
     Kate pounded upon his shoulders and Taima quickly grasped her fists, drawing them above her head. She squirmed beneath him, but he refused to let go. “What difference would it have made?”
     “None. And it won’t now. You’ve already said you can’t love me.”
     “Kate . . .”
     “Don’t! Nothing will change. I’ll not ask a thing from you.” She struggled to release her wrists from his hold, but he didn’t budge, nor did he withdraw from her silken sheath.
     Taima closed his eyes in frustration. How could he make her understand the way he felt about Witashnah? His feelings for her were different.
     “Kate, perhaps in time . . .”
     “Stop it! I don’t want anything from you. You’re an animal, a savage!”
     Her squirming stirred his desires. He wanted to continue what they had only just begun. Her anger re-ignited his passion and he gently thrust forward with his hips.
     “Don’t . . .”
     Taima covered her mouth with his, silencing her objection. His kiss was more brutal than he’d planned; his tongue explored the recesses of her mouth, crushing her to him as he moved within her. She responded in kind, battling with her tongue, and before Taima realized, he was again erect within her silken sheath. Currents of desire swept through him and Kate’s eager movements matched his.
      She moved with him in rhythmic motions. Still holding her hands, Taima stretched his arms out to the sides. He kissed her jaw, the throbbing pulse at the hollow of her throat, her shoulder, until his mouth covered the hardened tip of her breast. He longed for a small amount of light to see the ecstasy in her face.
      A tormented moan escaped Kate’s lips. Taima rose slightly above her as they continued their rhythm. “Tell me you don’t want this as much as I, woman.”
     “I don’t,” she whispered, but desire lingered in her voice, betraying her lies.
     Taima stopped moving. He could hold out longer than she. He was trained at self-discipline. He was a warrior.
       Taima waited.
       Kate pulled on her wrists, to no avail.
     Her quivering muscles inside tightened around him, and she moved her hips, but he resisted. Pulling her hands overhead into one of his, he took the weight of a full breast in the palm of his other hand and suckled the tip. Her uneven breathing came warm against his cheek.
     “Why are you doing this?” she whimpered, her trembling voice filled with aching need.
     “We desire each other. Why do you fight it?”
     She raised her knees and her feet caressed the back of his legs. Unable to continue his restraint, Taima moved his hips in time with Kate’s. Their tempo increased to the beat of the distant, thundering drums of the celebration until her body shook with slight tremors of satisfied pleasure.
     Taima captured her mouth with his, their tongues moving with the same pace as he released his life-giving seed within her again. Kate’s wild abandonment spoke words Taima knew she would never speak on her own. Though she fought him at every turn, it only heightened their passion.
     Tonight was no different.
     Perspiration clung to his face and chest...between their naked bodies. He released her hands to rub his face, then rolled onto his side. Before Kate could turn away, he embraced her, drawing her close as he pulled a fur over their bodies. She hid her face in his shoulder and hot tears slipped onto his chest.
     With a finger beneath her chin, Taima lifted her teary gaze. “Little one, why do you cry?”
     Rather than answer, she only shook her head.
     “Open your eyes and look at me. Though it’s dark in here, I know you try to shut me out.”
     “We both want different things. How can we ever be happy?”
     “Because we are. Does there have to be more? Perhaps in time, I will find it easier to love another. You have come to mean very much to me in the short time you have been here.”
     Hearing the small promise in Taima’s voice, Kate silently rejoiced. She would take what he offered, though she didn’t want him to know it. Love would eventually grow between them; she’d see to it. She had won Kelee’s love, she would win Taima’s.
    As she lay within the circle of Taima’s arms, the warmth of his body sent away the slight chill that had crept into the lean-to. Kate tugged on the fur covering and snuggled closer to Taima, placing her arm on his waist. His chin rested atop her head, and security surrounded her. She pressed a kiss to his chest, tasting the saltiness of his skin, then allowed sleep to overtake her.
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