Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ghostly happenings...any at YOUR house?

Whispers at Ghost Point
NEW Excerpt!

      Why is it with human nature that we enjoy being scared? I'm not sure either, but if it's a movie or a book, I want to watch/read it! Now a scary movie is different than those chainsaw massacre movies - that's not what I'm talking about. I love anything to do with the paranormal phenomenon...Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Society, Psychic Kids, Ghost Adventures, Ghostly Encounters...and I had to bring that venue into my book. Hubby and I did a ghost tour at the St Augustine Lighthouse back on October 28th, but didn't encounter any spirits although I did capture lots of orbs in my photos! We had an exciting time. We also toured the haunted jail in St Augustine and...my camera wouldn't work inside the jail!! As soon as I stepped out onto a balcony to snap a shot of the hanging post, my camera worked again!

      Thank you to those who've read the book already and to those who haven't, I hope this week you'll grab your copy. Whispers is available in all formats at all online stores. Enjoy the excerpt...

“Dana! Sarah!” An out of breath worker from Jake’s crew ran up to the porch, pointing toward the shed. “You both have to come back here. Mitch is hurt! Hurry!”

“Oh my gawd!” A stab in her heart tightened Dana’s chest as she scrambled down the steps and ran around to the shed. Her feet couldn’t move fast enough and her mind swirled with all kinds of things that may have happened to Mitch. The guys surrounded him as he lay on the ground outside the shed and she pushed her way into the crowd, frantic to get to Mitch.

Jake had removed his own shirt and held it tight against Mitch’s head where she knelt beside him. Blood covered his face and Dana tried not to panic as she took his hand and called his name. He stilled breathed but wasn’t conscious.

She touched his face and turned him toward her, trying not to panic at seeing so much blood. “Mitch...I’m here. Don’t leave us. You can pull through this. Wake up.”

Relief eased the pain in her chest when his eyes fluttered but once they opened, the eyes looking back at her weren’t Mitch’s brown ones but glowing red eyes. Instant fear took hold of her heart and she fell backwards in an attempt to get away from the demon who had now taken over Mitch like it had her weeks ago.

The demon fought against those holding him but he lifted his head to glare at Dana. “He’s gone from you forever now! This is my body and you belong to me!”

All the crewmen stepped back at least a foot as the voice took over Mitch’s body and Dana reached out to Sarah but she had already made her way to Mitch’s side. She shouted orders to the men around her. “Hold him down as best you can. The demon will use all of Mitch’s strength to fight against us. Dana! The holy water is in my glove box. Get it!”

When Dana returned with the bottle in her shaking hand, Sarah straddled Mitch’s waist as his arms and thighs were pinned down by the workers. Jake still held the shirt against the head wound and held Mitch’s head tight as the demon struggled against those who held him down. The guttural, animal growls coming from Mitch were unlike any Dana had ever heard.

She handed the water to Sarah who immediately opened the bottle and sprinkled it over Mitch’s face and chest. The beast inside Mitch struggled violently against the holy water as Sarah shouted prayers of exorcism.

Dana could only watch in horror as the man she loved continued to be tormented by the demon she thought was gone. The animal wails coming from Mitch would forever be burned in her memory. She covered her mouth, not wanting to cry out but her heart broke into a million pieces as she watched Sarah work, praying her abilities could help end all this.

“Be gone from this body created by God. You are not welcome here. Leave us alone and be gone. Mitch does not belong to you and Dana does not belong to you. God, bless this body and protect it from the demon inside. Rid the evil spirits and let Mitch return!” Sarah sprinkled water as she shouted.

The demon lifted Mitch’s head and his glowing red eyes stared at Sarah. “I have taken over this body and it will be mine! I claim it and Dana, too!”

Fierce, guttural growls scared even the men as some turned their faces away but continued to hold Mitch tight. Dana felt helpless as she watched, her legs feeling useless beneath her.

How could she possibly help against an invisible demon? What did he want with her?

Dana wanted to comfort Mitch yet that wasn’t Mitch. She stood frozen where she was, watching the horror scene as the demon fought to remain inside Mitch. The guys had to sit on his legs so Sarah wouldn’t get thrown off as she doused the demon with holy water, still shouting prayers.

When the demon struggled and threw back his head to scream out, Sarah sprinkled holy water in Mitch’s mouth. Dana covered her ears but couldn’t close her eyes. Could she ever trust that the demon wouldn’t take Mitch from her again later on?

After a few minutes, the struggling ceased and Sarah prepared for another round should it start over. They all waited and watched as Mitch lay motionless. Not even his eyes fluttered.

Dana’s lungs burned as she remembered to breathe. Waiting would kill her yet she watched and waited even longer. Jake wiped Mitch’s face with part of the tee shirt covering the head wound.

Mitch groaned and the men gasped.

Dana prayed the torment was over when Mitch moved his head and Jake adjusted his position in case he needed to hold Mitch down again.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into the story and want to know more of what happens for Dana and Mitch. Will the ghost succeed in tearing them apart?

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