Saturday, July 27, 2013

New lower price on e-books! Stop in!

New Lower Price
on ALL my books!

     If you've stopped in because you've not read my books yet, I've lowered the price of each book by $1.00! That's a steal considering each novel is over 100,000 words. These are not short stories but full length novels and many out there are listed at $8 and up. Since I self-publish, I'm in control of my pricing and want every reader to know that love can happen a second time, which is the theme in each book I write. 
      I'm hoping the price reduction will allow more readers to step into my worlds and enjoy my characters. Each book I write, I envision pulling my readers in so they can be a silent character to stand next to each one of my characters. I'd love to hear from you if that happened while you were reading one of my novels. I appreciate your support!

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     On another note, I'm considering a change to the book content for Whispers. The book contains no sex scenes and the romance stops at the bedroom door. Perhaps I could keep the book for sale with TWO editions - one with no sexual content and the other an ADULT version to at least get it as hot as Never Surrender! LOL Feel free to leave a comment if you think I need to have an adult version of the book to take readers behind the bedroom door! Let's get some chatter going on this!

Yes or no??