Friday, July 12, 2013

Want to be a blog stop on my Historical Romance Blog Tour?

Life aboard the ship of
Captain Nathaniel Clairmont?

     Readers love stepping back in time and relive the love shared between men of the ton and their women! Who doesn't fantasize about those romantic times? Or being rescued from the pirate ship? Well all that happens inside No Turning Back where my heroine has to move forward with her man or not because once she decides....there will be No Turning Back!!
     Have I hooked you yet? I certainly hope so because historical romances are one of my favorite reads. We all know that life really wasn't as romantic as we read in the books - those castles were cold, damp, dirty and just down right spooky! I also loved reading the Gothic romances of Victoria Holt. If you've not read her books yet, you can still find them out there. She was a beloved author of many readers.
     In August, I'll be doing my blog tour and holding contests at all of the blogs. If you keep checking my links on the side bar under schedule, you find where to join me so you can get in on the contests and yes, you can win at more than one! I hope to see you all.
     If you have a blog and would like to host me for a day, or two or for a week, I'd love to chat with your readers! Below is the link to my sign up form - just let me know what date or dates you have open and I'll send you a post to past up along with a contest.