Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blog Tour and Prizes! Follow No Turning Back historical!

Love historicals?

     Can a picture invoke a story? Those steps could lead down to a boat that will take you to the ship and it's captain...or lead up to a castle at the top of a cliff that overlooks the sea where you could find yourself standing with a handsome duke. The steps might lead to a sandy private beach where one could get away from the prying eyes of aristocrats waiting to expose you for following your dreams of being with the man you really want!
      A book can allow you to step into the past and feel what's it's like to live in a previous time period and walk the foggy streets of London, to walk on the deck of a ship at sea or hold on for dear life during a storm that threatens to sweep you off the deck. Ever thought of being aboard when pirates attack in search of a woman? The sword fights that take place, the clanging of huge blades and screams of the wounded will pull you deeper into a book.
     Okay, I'm getting carried away but...I so enjoyed writing this story and hope you'll enjoy stepping back in time! My tour schedule is on the left. Click over to the stops and get in on the contests to win gift cards. Be sure to click the banner on the left to get in the Grand Prize Drawing! Good luck everyone and thank you for stopping in! Please use the share buttons at the bottom so others can stop over!

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