Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jennifer Malone Wright gives us vampire stories w/characters you'll love (w/ contest)!

Savior (A Higher Collective Novel)

     Alexander Lucas is a man of faith, casino owner and vampire. He should be living the Reno high life of riches and immortality. Instead, he wakes each night despising the blood on his hands and begging for a reason to continue on.
    The last beat of his heart took place shortly after losing his family to a gruesome and violent death. One snowy night, the creature who had been stalking him finally took his life, in turn giving him the gift of immortality. Yet, immortality to Alex is not a gift, but rather a curse to live in eternal pain.
     Nearly a century of tortured existence leads him to a dumpster in a dark alley where he finds a reason for continuing on. Nestled between bits of debris and rubbish a tiny infant wails for help. He calls for his best friend and guardian angel, Danielle, who explains to him that he has been chosen to raise this baby, for she would someday become a very powerful, natural witch. She tells him it is now his job to protect her from the enemy who wants her so badly, yet also to be her father.
      Thinking this angel is out of her mind, Alex refuses many times until Danielle convinces him that the enemy, Malcolm and his wife Levine, cannot obtain the child and that they are, indeed attempting to find her. He must keep her safe, because if evil hands raise her than she will grow to possess the power to annihilate them all.
     Luckily, Alex is not alone, he has The Higher Collective to assist in his mission. With the combined powers of the Vampires, Angels, Dark Angels, Witches and Warlocks, The Higher Collective prepares for a battle to protect the child from the evil she may possibly inherit.

Author Bio

      Jennifer Malone Wright is best known for her short story series, The Vampire Hunter's Daughter. Other works include the follow up to The Vampire Hunter's Daughter series called The Arcadia Falls Chronicles and her vampire novel called Savior. Jennifer also co-authors a series called Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse.
     She resides in the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho with her husband and five children where she practices preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Just kidding!
    But seriously, between the craziness of taking care of her children, Jennifer has little time left for herself. The time she does have left, usually leading far into the night, is spent working on her beloved fiction or chatting with her equally crazy friends.
    Jennifer loves coffee, has a passionate affair with red bull, wishes the sushi were better where she lives & dances while she cleans.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to All!


Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to All!

     This week brings us together with family and friends to share love with each other. If you must travel this week, please drive careful and watch out for other drivers who may not be so inclined to safe driving!
     I want to thank all of the awesome authors I've had as guests on my blog this year. They've brought us wonderful books with memorable characters who have found their way into your hearts and created images in your mind. I hope you've been able to 'crawl inside of a book' or three! Isn't that great when we find ourselves so deep inside of a book that we don't hear anything around us? Somehow we're able to block out the television or radio or family talking to us - they must physically touch us to get our attention to pull us out of that book. I love it! So, thank you to all the guest authors.
     I also have to thank all of the readers who have stopped in to learn about an author who is new to them, opening up new worlds and far away travel via the pages of those books! Some families might think they've had to send out a search party to get you back to reality! If you've found a few of my guests interesting or have purchased their books and found that you got lost inside their book, please leave a comment for us.
     Still looking for something to spend your gift cards on? I'd love it if you'd click over to see if my books are what you're looking for. My stories take place in different locales and I hope you can enjoy where my books take you. Thank you for stopping in!



Monday, December 16, 2013

Like reading thrillers? Stop in to meet Joseph Rinaldo w/contest!

Self-Publishing Ain't For Sissies!

    During a period of unemployment in 2004, I did a lot of soul-searching about my career and a lot of reading for pure escapism. It was at this time that I read Nicholas Sparks’ Three Weeks With My Brother, and I tried to absorb the fact that he received a million-dollar advance for this book. After I got over the initial shock of that fact, I remember thinking, “Holy cow! He’s a good writer, but I know I can do this, too.” I’ve been writing since that day in 2004.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Has Jack the Ripper returned? Stop in and find out with L.A. Wright

Leslie A. Wright

    Shhhhh...Turn on those flashlights and stay together! Let's walk through the dark back-alleys in search of Jack the Ripper...LA Wright's story will take us there...

     Through the annals of time, one of the most horrific mysteries remains a question. Who was Jack the Ripper?
   Disappearing as quickly as he appears, he escapes accountability for the brutality and egotistical nature of his crimes. However, Karma is an integral part of life, judging all actions for their corrective purpose.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Paws Blog Hop with #DeannaJewel

      Thank you for stopping by to join us during the pet blog hop! I’d love for you to leave a comment about YOUR favorite pet to share with other readers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pirate Lovers...Stop in to meet author Marti Melville!

A Visit with Marti Melville

     Please welcome Marti this week! She's taken time from working on the screen play of her new movie deal about Midnight Omen to chat with us. I, for one, can't wait until her pirate movie is out! When you finish here, you may be inclined to go download her books so you're up-to-speed when her movie is released. She's also holding a contest for those who leave an online review of her books.