Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Funny Pet Tricks Contest - What does your do?

Sinbad and Zoie
Got a Funny Pet Trick?

     I have a Blog Pet Page and website Pet Page where I'd love to promo a photo of YOUR pet if you'd like to send it to me. Type PET PAGE in the subject line of your email and we'll get your pet on both pages. Now, leave a comment below telling us about the funny trick that your pet does and on Jan 18th, I'll pick one commenter to win a $10 Gift Card. With all the online contests giving away so many gift cards, these add up in a hurry and could buy you several books or that one special item you're saving for - maybe a cozy heating pad for your pet!
     Sinbad (he loves the heat from my printer) actually thinks he's a dog. He has several silky mice that he throws around and loves to play fetch. He'll bring the mouse back, drop it in front of us and wait for us to toss it out so he can bring it back. We enjoy all the entertainment these two provide us when we're home.

Leave a comment telling us
about your funny pet tricks!

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