Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Dinner with Deanna Jewel!

     I hope all of you are already thinking of ways to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Share with us what your plans are in a comment below for those who don’t know how to surprise that special someone. How many wonderful ideas can we come up with?

     Last year, I held a drawing and gave away gift cards for dinner so the winner’s could use them on Valentine’s Day. I want to do the same thing this year and will hold the drawing early enough so the winner can pick and receive their card in time to go out for Valentine's dinner with it.
     Share your surprise ideas in a comment and then get into the Rafflecopter contest. I’m giving away TWO $25 gift cards to your favorite restaurant (please make it something I can purchase online for you).

Drawing will be held  Feb 7th!!

     Please use the share buttons below to tweet or post on FB about the contest so others can get in on it too! Good luck to everyone. I can wait to read your comments!

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  1. We don't do much for Valentines day but I do hope to go out to eat somewhere. Entered under the name of Virginia

  2. I love Valentines Day!! It is my wedding anniversary!

  3. Maybe go out to eat

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Well, since my Fiance's birthday is two days before Valentine's Day, it can make things a bit rough on the wallet, especially when I am disabled with no income, and my Fiance' has no income right now because he is fighting to get worker;s comp due to being injured on the job and possibly facing back surgery due to the injury.

    So this year, I will use an amazon gift card I won to buy him something for his birthday, but for Valentine's Day, we will probably just wish each other a Happy Valentine;s Day, give each other a kiss and a hug, then cuddle in front of the TV watching movies while we eat TV dinners, since we have no money to go to dinner or buy any gifts.

  5. I am going to make my fiance a wonderful; dinner and pretty much stay in this year because the lack of funds.

  6. I always get a very special card that says exactly what my hubby means to me (the world). My hubby always gets me flowers and a rosebud to put by my reading chair (his nickname for me is Rosebud or Rosie). I usually fix a very special meal for him, even if it's something I don't care for or can't eat. But we both love salmon so I think it will be salmon this year with a baked sweet potato and a lovely salad! And I'll probably bake a pie for him--his fave is Dutch apple pie ala mode. Yum! Thanks for asking Deanna.

  7. Hi Deanna!

    Since my husband and my Anniversary is on February 7th we usually don't do anything special for Valentine's Day but since this year is our 44th Anniversary I'm planning on surprising him on the 14th with a special dinner! After all he deserves it for putting up with me for all those years!

    Of course this year, once again, there will probably be snow (and lots of it if the past couple of weeks have been any indication) it will just be a quiet inner at home but I think what he'll enjoy the most is that I won't make him do the dishes when our "celebration" is over!

  8. I'm loving all the stories and ways all of you are surprising your partners! Thank you all for sharing. Happy Anniversary to those celebrating your wedding dates and to those celebrating birthdays. I didn't expect such a great response to receiving comments, so thank you to all who are sharing and good luck!

  9. Actually, our first-born surprised us when he was born at 3:23 am on Valentine's Day!
    We decided not to celebrate on February 14 and leave that date open for David. We
    get each other lovely cards, but last year I changed things a bit. I got seven different
    cards (loving, comedic, etc.) and put one in with his lunch, one in the car, one on his
    computer desk, one on his pillow, etc, all on separate days! The last and most special
    card was taped to the TV screen (that he turns on each morning) on Valentine's Day!

    Pat Cochran

  10. For me, I do little things like make a cute card or jewelry for my sisters, flowers and a card for my mother, a card & wonderful dinner with that special guy.