Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Never Surrender's Sequel - Final Surrender Coming Soon!

Final Surrender - the sequel to Never Surrender is coming right up ladies and gentlemen!

     Here is the tentative cover for the sequel to Never Surrender, Final Surrender (tentative title also) and I can't wait for the book release coming later this year! 
     Thank you for being patient and understanding during the wait time. It's a lot of work to keep up with Kate and Taima!
     Here is a super short excerpt from Never Surrender in case you have forgotten how yummy this story is!

Excerpt :

As she lay within the circle of Taima’s arms, the warmth of his body sent away the slight chill that had crept into the lean-to. Kate tugged on the fur covering and snuggled closer to Taima, placing her arm on his waist. His chin rested atop her head, and security surrounded her. She pressed a kiss to his chest, tasting the saltiness of his skin, then allowed sleep to overtake her.

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