Monday, April 14, 2014

Love Tall Ships? Sail the seas in No Turning Back by Deanna Jewel

No Turning Back
(with a contest!)

     My love of tall ships, pirates and historic London are what set me on the path to writing No Turning Back - England 1778. My hope is that you're taken back to 1778 with my characters, Nathan and Vanessa, to experience life in London, riding through Hyde Park, sailing the high seas with pirates who love sword fights, and finding love a second time when that was the last thing they had in mind.
     Visit my website to learn more about the characters and places within the pages of No Turning Back. Readers who enjoy historical romance will enjoy this book. Click over to my website and scroll through the pages. There are links to read Chapter One of both books, as well as links to play a cover match game at BookBuzzr.
     I enjoyed the characters so much that I wrote them into a sequel so they could experience their love all over again. Below, Whispers at Ghost Point is their contemporary story. Both books are $1.50 each, enjoy! 

    If you love the paranormal/ghost world, please check out Whispers. Below is the book trailer telling a bit about the book that takes place in Wilmington NC and Savannah GA. I've got links on my website where you can see the places in the story so I hope you do that. Mitch and Dana were connected in another life, another time, and when they meet up in Whispers, part of their past comes with them to reclaim what was lost.

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