Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet cover model, John Quinlan

A Gentle Giant

     Since I'm partial to firefighters, I had to post this one first. John is being called the 'most tattooed romance cover model' and I have to agree. He has tats on the front and the back and I'm sure he's not finished yet! Welcome, John! My guests may have a few questions for you. Readers, feel free to post them in the comments and he'll do his best to answer them for you.
     Keep your eyes on the upcoming covers being posted all over the internet and you'll find him landing on more and more. Authors are using him for military stories, biker stories,  and erotic stories. He's a loving father, body builder, physique competitor, clothing model and now cover model. I can't wait until I can use one of his images on a cover for the Pebble Cove series.
        His image on the internet continues to grow and you can find out more about him at these links. He's been a very busy man, accomplishing what many can only dream about. His Wikipedia page lists many of these so do stop over and read about him.

(hhmmm...great for covers!)


      Okay, ladies, take a breath, peek at his pages and then come back here with your questions. I'd love to use one of his images as a cop, firefighter or marina owner at Pebble Cove. What do you think? Be sure to use the share buttons to let all of your friends know who this man is!

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  1. Welcome John! Thank you so much for stopping by. We may have many shy readers who won't leave a comment or question for you, but they're all glad you stopped by! Thanks again!

    Readers, who has questions??