Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween is the time of year for good ghost stories!

Deanna Jewel
Whispers at Ghost Point
      Welcome to those of you who love being scared while you read! If you're like me, you also love all the paranormal ghost shows on television. I guess I'm a paranormal geek and I know ghosts hang out at the abandoned lighthouses. The stairs above could easily have been taken from my book where Dana does a remodel on the lighthouse.

     My love for those beautiful towers is what inspired Whispers and a previous character wouldn't leave me alone until I made HIM the ghost! I hope you give Whispers a read and let me know how you enjoyed the story.
     Whispers is a stand alone read even though the characters are from my previous book, No Turning Back. Because I have a spot in my heart for reincarnation and soul mates through time, I did just that in Whispers so these lovers could reconnect.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy
your haunted Halloween season!

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