Friday, November 14, 2014

Deanna Jewel doing first-ever Christmas story!

Deanna Jewel
Christmas in Jackson Hole!

     I'm so excited to share this news with you. For years I've been wanting to write a story and with the nudging of my assistant, Gina, I've stopped work temporarily on the sequel to Never Surrender so I could get this story onto virtual paper for you. Since the story takes place in Jackson Hole and the characters in 'Two Hearts Surrender' are just over the mountain pass in Dubois, Wyoming, I thought...just maybe...they might make an appearance in this story. I'll see how that pans out so stay tuned for more news on that.
     The cover is just a mock-up for now of what I've been toying with. The female character owns a book store and is trying hard to get past a loss of her own when she meets a high school crush who's back in town for the holidays. Along with his eight year old son, he's helping his mother through another Christmas alone, but mom has a few surprises for him.
      I've not set a release date yet but watch for it closer to Christmas.
         A bit of news...I've decided to try Amazon Prime for all of my books and will do the 90 day run to see how that works. I hate giving in to Amazon, but they've made it hard for sales to happen in other places with so many buying their e-books on Kindle via the Prime program. So....when Home for the Holidays is released, it'll be at Amazon Prime. They have a Kindle reader program for PC and iPhones if you don't have a Kindle.



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