Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cozy reading nooks...what style is YOU?

Gather 'round and stay warm!

     Baby, it's cold outside! Not sure where each of you lives, but our area of northern Idaho is pretty mild and I'm spoiled now, compared to living back in mid-Michigan where I moved from. Even though we don't have the amount of snow other areas do, okay, we might get snow a few times during the winter and it doesn't stay, but the furnace is kicking on more than I'd like it to. I don't like being cold and wish we had a gas fireplace so I could watch the flames lick at the logs and dance around them. Maybe there's an app for that to play on the TV. I'll look into that.

      Let's help keep each other warm. Happy New Year, by the way! Tell us how you stay warm. I love changing into my sweatshirt and pants, covering up with my blanket in my recliner and that always brings both cats up on the chair to burrow their way beneath the covers. I have to admit, that does help keep me warm too.
      Who received a new e-reader and what kind? What great books did you guys find over the holidays? Share one or two in the comments and who the authors are so others can find them. Did you find new authors? What genres are your favorite and what settings do you enjoy most?
      Another author sent me a photo of a cozy reading nook and I had to head over to Pinterest to start my own board of awesome places to read. I invite you over to scroll through my Reading Nook board to find YOUR favorite. What do you think of it? Yes, you should start your own nook board. Be sure to send me a pin when you find a new cozy nook. Thanks for stopping by today.

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