Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hard copy print version coming soon for Never Surrender!

New Cover Coming!

      As many of you know, I've placed this book with a new publisher who is working hard to get the book into a few of the big box stores and I'm anxious to see how that will pan out. What an exciting journey for my book and characters!
        Doce Blant Publishing has also let me know that the book will be in hard cover and only 100 copies will be available. I'll number those as I sign them for my readers. Who knows, they may become collector items some day! LOL The cost of the hard cover (which will also have a dust cover of the new design) will be approximately $30 plus shipping. For those who would like a copy, you can get yours pre-ordered on my website HERE. Thank you for wanting a hard cover copy! 
       Be sure to watch my newsletter for more info as we get closer to publication! You can sign up on the sidebar.

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