Thursday, February 25, 2016

Winnin' O' The Green - $20 GC up for grabs!

 Winnin' o' The Green!

     We all would love more green in our pockets and I'm giving each of you a chance to win some. Thank you for stopping in to play. One factor to getting more green in your pockets is to make sure you pay YOURSELF as you go through life. It's never too late to put money away for those days we all look forward to where we can sip Mai Tai's on the beach. In order for that to happen, you have to change your mind-set and consider yourself your number one employee. Your employer might pay you, but are YOU paying you by socking your money into a good investment? Your 401K is the best way, especially if your employer matches say 5% - If you're not investing at least that same 5%, they won't be either. They only match what you put in up to 5%. Yes it's that easy. The money goes into your 401K BEFORE taxes so you're only going to miss a few bucks in your check and now you've got double going into that 401K (because your employer is also putting in the other 5%!!) Come on, you can do it. Watch that money grow.
     I hope that's given you a little incentive to go to your employer and tell them you want to change the amount going into your 401K. If you're doing an IRA, increase that amount a bit and the savings come back to you on your tax return! Yes, it does. Have your preparer show you where the savings is at on the last page. PAY YOURSELF FIRST - my tip o' the day for ya!
     My next tip is to get into the contest below. I'll pick a winner on the March 14th so you can have your $20 gift card by St Patty's Day! Good luck and you can help me out in the process. Open the Rafflecopter to see how! Thank you for stopping by!

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$20 Gift Card Up For Grabs!

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