Monday, March 14, 2016

Keep track of your expenses!

Excel Spreadsheets

      Being in the tax business as well as being an author allows me to help my fellow writers get all the deductions they have coming. I recently had a client who needed help with keeping track of her expenses and couldn't afford an accounting software program. This led me to create an Excel sheet for her that she could use for several years and continue adding more sheets for upcoming years if it worked for her. Well, she loved it as it totaled each column as she entered her expenses.
     This gave me the idea that perhaps others might find it useful, too. If you'd like to download your copy, you can find it on my website. Just scroll down to the tax section and click the Expense Sheet link. Be sure to click 'Enable Editing' so that you can begin using the sheet. Please leave a comment if you found the sheet helpful and then use the SHARE buttons at the bottom. I love helping other authors be efficient! Enjoy!






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