Thursday, March 3, 2016

Post YOUR 500 words about this photo!

Post YOUR 500 words about this photo!

     Here's your chance to try your hand at spontaneous writing. Even if you've never done it, just go with what pops into your head and get the words on paper. Maybe your hidden talent hasn't been tapped yet. Put down the first thoughts that come to you of what may have happened in this photo. Is the subject dead or just napping in the forest?
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  1. A warm breeze passes by filled with the scent of damp earth and moss...and now blood. My razor-sharp blade eases through the warm flesh as I slowly sink it in. I have to keep my mind on the harvest. Healthy organs are the only ones that can be used and must reach their destination within hours of being removed. Stupid people deserve what happens when they don’t pay attention to their surroundings. I smile to myself. Why are they not watched closer by those who claim to love them?

    I carefully scoop out each organ, loving the feel of power I have with life in my fingers. Slipping the warm heart quickly into the bag and sealing it shut, away from the air, I begin on the next. Packing each one beneath the ice, I’m confident they’ll bring another ailing body a new beginning.

    As I take a deep breath, I look around me and dusk has settled in. The nude body lay sprawled on the floor of the damp forest as I wipe my hands clean before closing my cooler. The canopy overhead will hide the body for days from prying eyes. Confidence in a job well done, I savor the knowledge that another life can continue because of the parts I harvested here today. Once warm, the organs have been sealed and now iced in my little cooler, ready for delivery. I feel no pity for this one. They should not have thought to run alone along that path where I sat watching, waiting, anticipating the arrival of a well beating heart and healthy liver that would bring top dollar among those bidding for body parts.

    My work is done for this day. Tomorrow my watch begins anew for another vibrant body harboring healthy organs for those not as lucky. My assignment in life has been to take care of the sick and when those I loved passed because no one cared, I vowed not to let that happen to anyone else. The heartbreak is too much.

    The healthy should never assume they’re safe no matter what. This small community appears to be a place they come to run among the trees, along the beaches, and breath the fresh ocean air. Little do they know…I live among them, watching, waiting, anticipating a wrong move in my direction.

    Beware of the watcher…my victims shop in these stores, sip coffee in the cafes, read in the book store, many times right next to me as I make my choices. Their laughter and silly chatter grate on my nerves as my planning begins. I work for the highest bidder and live, for now, in Pebble Cove.

    YOU could be next!

    1. Ooh, scary! A serial killer who has a heart. Great story!

  2. Wonderful post. Frightening story. Here's what comes to this author's mind:
    Now why in the world did Mandy have to fall right in the middle of the sweetest kiss we ever shared? Damn. Ken shook his pretty girlfriend. No response. He leaned over to check her breathing. A medical school senior shouldn't have a problem waking her. Hell no. He listened, heard shallow breathing, took her pulse. Racing. He glanced all around the deep woods wondering for the tenth time why did they ever come here. He knew why. He wanted to get laid and now she had fallen and appeared to be really hurt.
    His clever hands roamed through her blond hair to her scalp. Oh God. Blood seeped through a crack in her skull. Cell phone out, he called 911 to no avail. With care, he lifted his sweetheart up and into his strong young arms. He made it to the path where they first came to, thinking what a great place. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he staggered along the crooked road through the woods, rocks preventing him from an easy walk.
    From a distance,Ken heard a car, maybe a truck. Excited to find help, he braced his Mandy against him and yelled, "Help. We need help."
    The truck, covered in mud, pulled up. Beer bottles flew out the window just missing them. Ducking, Ken yelled, "Hey, my girlfriend's hurt. I need help. A ride down the path to my car."
    "Yeehaw," came the response. Two guys in ragged jeans stumbled out, rifles slung over their shoulders. "Well, lookee here, bro. Got us some fresh meat."

  3. First, let me say that I'm not a writer. While I LOVE to read, I have never been good at writing. Lol. Here's my attempt.

    So, I thought that today would be a great day to walk through the woods and explore nature a bit. Oh boy, was I wrong. I was so consumed by my thoughts, nature and my emotions that I failed to see the creatures who were tracking me. At first, I felt eyes on me, but could see nothing. I tend to be a worrier and figured that my paranoia was getting the better of me. I continued my trek, trying to relive some of my youth.
    My brothers and I would search the wooded mountains near our home for ancient artifacts or anything that was old and intriguing. We made up stories about the items that we found. For example, an arrowhead that was underneath a rock was left by a Native American who was hunting for food. Or a stick was used as someone’s fishing pole in the creek nearby.
    Those were the happier times in my life. As I got older, we became distant, had more disagreements, and couldn’t understand each other’s life choices. We basically went our separate ways. I was feeling nostalgic for the first time in a long time and decided a trip into the woods would bring back some of those easier, more pleasant times for me.
    Feeling the warmth from the sun on my exposed arms, smelling the pine trees that grow enormous in this part of our world, “seeing” us as children, running, jumping, squealing over our latest find, all had me distracted. I knew better than to not be aware of my surroundings. I was taught from the beginning to respect the woods and its inhabitants, whether we can see them or not. There were stories from our elders about those who lurk and watch. They stay away from homes and groups of people, but we’ve heard about others going missing over the years. A glimpse of a hairy blur as the creature was running, the glowing eyes, and the unusual sounds in the night that could almost pass as wolves, all things that I had personally witnessed.
    By the time I had come back to reality, I realized that I was surrounded. I was terrifyingly mesmerized by them. They were not quite wolves, but not quite men either. The grayish brown hair that lightly covered their bodies looked soft. Their eyes were an otherworldly green with golden rings. They had angular jaws with protruding teeth. There were 3 of them and they had backed me into a tree. The language they spoke was like nothing I had ever heard before. They had a hunger in their eyes that made me tremble nervously. I tried to communicate my apologies for intruding on their territory; however, they didn’t seem to understand me. Suddenly, the two on either side of me had my arms pinned to the sides of the tree. The one in front of me ran a clawed finger intimately down my cheek. He grabbed my hair at the base of my skull and pulled my head to the side. The searing bite on my neck made me scream. I didn’t realize that the others had each bitten the inside of my arms until they laid me down on the forest floor and took a step back. My body felt like it was on fire. My head spun and my vision started to darken. So, here I lay waiting to find out my fate.

    Now, I'm going to go back and read the others. :)
    Thank you, Deanna!