Sunday, May 1, 2016

What pulls you into a story?

Characters or locations?

     Some stories and characters get stuck in our heads after we finish the books, making us hunger for more of what they're doing in the next book. This is because the setting pulled us in, the multi-faceted characters touched our hearts and the way they interacted with each other put us right into their group of friends. Once the story book is ended, we want to hang out with those characters again and hope another book comes out so we can rejoin them.
     I've heard from so many readers that Kate and Taima did just this for them and they want to know what happened once they got back together in the present time. Thank you to those of you who write telling me how much you loved the story. I've included links on my website so all of you can see where the story took place, the house Brandon lives in, and the local of the Wind River Valley where the Shoshone Nation lived in 1835. The ties created between Kate and Taima bind them through time, but also pull the evil into the present to haunt and destroy them...or at least try. The love between Kate and Brandon began one hundred years before these two met and is strong enough to withstand any evil shape shifters from their past. I hope you click over to my website to see where all this happens and read an excerpt from the book.
     I'm excited about this book for several reasons. First, I signed with a publishing company, Doce Blant Publishing, back in December and in January, the hard cover of Never Surrender was printed. As an author, I can't explain how happy I was to hold that first copy and now I can sign them for YOU! Visit the store at my website to order your copy today.
     Second, I'm creating a candle scent with a company who does this for other books called Book Scents. The owner brings the scents in the books to life so the reader can smell the book as they read. Have you ever wondered what it would smell like to be in the story with the characters as they sit around a bonfire or walk through a forest...or a field of sagebrush? I'm sampling candle scents that she sent me, like pine, sage, leather and smoke, and soon we should have a candle just for the Surrender Series! I knoooow!
     Third, my publisher asked my thoughts on a coloring book for the series. Now, this took me back a step, as I'd never entertained the idea of a coloring book, so I had to go see what the buzz was about. Adult coloring books relieve stress as we design our own colorful pictures from book series we enjoy or perhaps just peaceful designs, like butterflies or flowers. Well, I'm happy to tell you that very soon a coloring book for the Surrender Series will be available through my publisher, as well as your favorite online stores! I hope you enjoy the stress relief of my coloring book.
     The sequel is half done and May is the month I will finish this book. You've all been waiting years for this and I will buckle into my chair and make it happen now that tax season is over. I've not been able to write since November and now is the time! Watch for the hard cover copy this summer!







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