Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let's Pray for Peace....

My Heart Hurts
I hope you join me in offering up prayers for Orlando and the violence taking place there, for those killed and injured at the Pulse Bar and those left behind who lost a child, friend or loved one. Let's also pray for the killing of a young singer taken before her time because of a crazed fan and his selfish act.
I don't understand the need for so much killing and it still continues throughout the world, not just here in the US. Texas is also dealing with another hostage situation because of obvious suicidal tendencies and those who want to hurt others because they hurt.
Our police force and other first responders need our prayers also, that they may continue to protect us and stay safe themselves. Their families worry daily about their safety against the crazy people. May they all be watched over and protected as they do their jobs and put their own lives on the line for us.
When will all this stop so we can come together and live in peace? We shouldn't be afraid to travel or attend events in our own cities for fear of being shot at, killed, taken hostage or help someone commit a crime they think is necessary. Our world needs peace and right now, I'm not sure we'll ever see that....

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  1. I am not sure we will ever see peace again. We had it years ago but will we have it again? I can remember when you didn't have to lock your doors but its not that way now.