Monday, January 9, 2017

Do Souls Reconnect From Past Lives?

Do Souls Reconnect?

     I'm a firm believer in this aspect when others might not believe this. Do you ever have DeJaVu that makes you stop and think...'I've done this or been here before, but when?' I get that, too. The people in our lives have also been around us in our past lives. Consider how close you and your best friend are. The possibility that you've been best friends or even lovers in a past life is not so far fetched as one might think. Our universe is an amazing place and who's to say this is not a possibility?

     If you've read any of my books, you'll know that soul mates and reincarnation are a part of each story that I write. I didn't plan this as I wrote, but the thread is there within my characters and story lines. My first novel, No Turning Back and second novel, Whispers at Ghost Point, are about the same characters, separated by 200 years. Dana and Mitch, in Whispers, have a sense of reincarnation, but don't realize it until their psychic friend relays this information to them when ghosts torment them in the lighthouse. You can read more about this at my website for Whispers. I also have both books in print on sale for $20 for both books, a $35 value. You can purchase them from my website at the above link.
     My novel, Never Surrender, is another book that also includes reincarnation and soul reconnection, though the characters don't realize it until the end of the story.  Taima and Kate connect amid turmoil that happens between them, when neither wants to befriend the other. Fate has different plans for them and they're constantly pulled back together in order for them to realize they belong with each other. Getting a second time at love is another aspect of my stories and something I also believe in. If you've lost a lover in death or divorce or an argument, sometimes we think that there is no one out there for us. This is so not true. Fate will bring you together with your soul mate when you least expect it. It may be your second soul mate in some cases, because we have more than one. Keep an open heart and know in your mind that it can happen. First, before you can love someone else, you must learn to love yourself and be comfortable that none of us are perfect. Once you love you for who you are, that opens the door for fate to know you're ready for the next step.
     In the upcoming sequel to Never Surrender, my characters must dig deep inside themselves to learn how to love themselves and that they aren't perfect. They also realize that their souls have reconnected from a past live and their future is tied together in more ways than they could ever imagine. I hope you grab your copy of Never Surrender so you'll be ready for book two, Final Surrender, and follow Kate and Brandon into a future filled with happiness and less heartache.
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