Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pamper Yourself Once in a While

Pamper Yourself!

     I would love to think that each of you has had the opportunity to step into a hot tub and feel the warmth penetrate through your muscles. The heat soothes the tension, makes us mobile when our bodies are stiff from over-work or just age. Personally, I like my hot tub at 102 degrees, but hubby likes it 105. That difference of three degrees when the water is that hot does make a huge difference! I can't relax if the water is so hot, but at 102, oh my goodness! Yes, the warmth is absorbed all the way to my bones. Close your eyes and just imagine you're somewhere warm, relaxing on the beach or better yet, on your way to a soothing, deep-tissue massage.
     Massages are wonderful. The room is dimly lit, aroma therapy scents the room, and warm blankets cover you as you relax on the table. I recently got to experience one of those hot stone massages. The stones are slowly moved over your muscles until the tension is gone, releasing every care in the world for you, even if it's only for an hour or two.
     After the massage, silky body lotion is gently rubbed into the skin of your arms...hands...back...legs...feet, and a foot massage seals the deal. It's heaven. I love the scented body lotions and each one takes my mind to a special place. Lemon lets me imagine sitting in the shade of a lemon tree with a warm breeze and brightens my mood. Because I love scented lotions, I've created some of my own that are available on my website and can be ordered whenever you want a new scent. I use ultra-rich body lotion that leaves your skin silky smooth.

     Once I've taken care of my feet with polish and using a file on my heels, my lotions add that special touch of pamper and soft scent to last all evening as I relax. There just isn't anything better than having your feet pampered as well as your body. I hope you click over to my site and check out the scents that are available at a very reasonable cost. Once you try them, should you want a larger size of that special scent you love, please just email me, or use my Contact Me form on the site, and I'll create more for you.
     Thank you for stopping in. I hope I've helped to relax you and given you ideas to pamper yourself tonight! Once you're relaxed, you just might want a new book to read. Check out my book at the same link to my web-store.