Saturday, April 15, 2017

Help Me to Help My Good Friend, Shannon, so we save her kidneys.

Meet My Friend

This story of strong-willed conviction and survival is one that will touch so many hearts. Besides being long time friends with this woman, I used to work with her. We've laughed together more than we've cried together. She's be been there to lift my spirits and I try hard to do that for her. Recently we reconnected and I couldn't be happy, but that didn't last very long once she told me that her health was actually her enemy. Most individuals would have given up the fight long ago, but Shannon is not one to throw in the towel if she thinks she can win. More of us need her determination.

Shannon lives alone with her terrier, Nitro. He is her entertainment and his part of the conversation keeps her smiling. These days, she needs that more than ever. I helped her set up a funding page where you can click over to read her story at I hope it touches your heart enough to give any amount. She continues to have huge daily struggles, because her kidneys are failing, they're also infected, and not having a bladder makes that twice as dangerous. She has a urostomy bag and between the supplies for that, medication, rent and health insurance, she still doesn't have enough to pay for all the meds she needs to be on. Stop by her page and please share it with you social media as often as possible.

Maybe with it being Easter weekend, we can all share her with more hearts around the world. Thank you to each of you out there and may you have a blessed Easter Day with your family.

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Thank you!

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