Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sequel to Never Surrender, Time-Travel to Present Time

Deanna Jewel
Romance Author

     I am having so much fun with the sequel to Never Surrender and many of you have been waiting way too long for me to finish this. I'm at 75,000 and have made major progress in the last month.

     I can't spill any of the major life events that Kate and Brandon hit throughout the book, but you will need a box of tissues while you read Final Surrender. Kate's best friend, Monica, plays a role as interpreter for the past lives they've had and how it all weaves together in the present time. Click over to read an excerpt from Final Surrender, but it does come with an R-rating!
     Toward the end of the book, Kate plays matchmaker for Monica and Brandon agrees to set her up for a date with his director (What director? Can't tell you yet!). Both Monica and Cody live 2600 miles away from each other, which is further complicated by the very busy life style each of them has. Is there enough of a spark between them to create a fire when they live that far apart? I'll explore that in book three, Complete Surrender.
     For now, I hope those of you who have not yet read Never Surrender will grab your copy and get started before book two is released later this year. Visit the page links below to learn more about all the characters whose lives are intertwined.

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