Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Series by Deanna Jewel

'No Turning Back' Series

    When I wrote book one, as titled above, I hadn't meant to connect the characters to book two, Whispers at Ghost Point. Once I'd finished Whispers, the characters from No Turning Back had been reincarnated into Whispers, 200 years later. After years of thinking about it, I've decided to rename book one and use that title as the name of the series. The original title of 'No Turning Back' was 'Fire on the Water', and I will use that title for book one and Whispers will be book two. A tentative cover is shown below and ties in the original cover.

      Characters toward the end of Whispers make themselves known and I will be continuing Sarah's story in book three. She is Dana's best friend and is a psychic who tells Mitch and Dana how their lives are connected.

     Oh my gosh....I just realized as I wrote this that I've done the same thing in the Never Surrender series. Yes, I just realized that!! Who can tell me why I write this way? Now I'm concerned as I hadn't realized I've given two different characters that psychic ability. Is that bad? Obviously, that cord is very strong within me as a writer. I know I've always believed that we all live more than one life and hope we learn with each one. Soul mates are another common thread and for me, are part of reincarnation. People around us do follow us through our life journeys and I've been told, the souls don't travel too far from one another. So, people you're close to in this life could be from one of your past lives. Think about it and take a look at those you come in contact with. Perhaps you've not yet met all of the souls who have travelled with you! 

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