Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time Travel Romance is Still Huge!

Visit Another Time Period

     This is a genre that has always been dear to me because it allows me to visit another time period, yet somehow know it's connected to the present. Don't we all wish time-travel was possible? I still do. Medieval romances set in England, Ireland or Scotland have been on my reading list since I was a teenager.
     I enjoy knowing a little about how people lived centuries ago and to be able to visit that time period through a book is an adventure. We get to travel back just by stepping into a book! The authors allow us to know more about the structures, architecture, ways of life....and love. Romance has changed through the centuries, we know that, but those of us who are romantics at heart understand it isn't always a bed of roses. Life in the cold stone castles is smoothed over in books, yet we can still picture how hard life was back then. Even in the wild west life was a struggle. Hearts are still the same and no matter the circumstances, people will fall in love.
     What happens to the souls once we pass on? If you're a romantic, you believe that the souls stay connected so they can be joined in another life, to love again. The belief in reincarnation is usually a given for those who read time travels. Are you one of those? Leave a comment below and let us know we aren't the only readers who believe that way.
     I searched Goodreads for some of the top romance time travel books being read to include here with my own. I hope you click over to the author sites below and find your way back in time through their books. 

Deanna Jewel

Paula J. Roscoe

Karen Marie Moning

Barbara Longley

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Time Travel Romances

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