Saturday, December 9, 2017

Join My Newsletter for the Kindle Giveaway - Deanna Jewel!

Deanna Jewel
Join My Newsletter Contest

     I've moved my newsletter and want everyone to know that the new, improved one has so much more to offer readers. Click the link below and please, please remember to include your date of birth (year can be 2017, I don't care). This will put you into my Birthday Club so you get a special something from me on your birthday. If you're already a subscriber, please change your preferences so you can update and include your date of birth for me.

     My KINDLE FIRE holiday giveaway will be done for Newsletter subscribers ONLY. That newsletter will go out Dec 15th to all current subscribers and a winner will be picked on Dec 20th. Sign up TODAY so you don't miss the drawing. I'll mail it out by the 22nd so the winner gets it before Jan 1st. Thank you so much for helping me get the word out! Please use the share buttons to alert your Facebook, Twitter and Google account friends!

Winner is:

Colleen C - AZ!!

All are welcome to enter below!

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(all books will be signed)

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