Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pirate Adventure Stories by Barnacle Bill!

Barnacle Bill
Pirate Adventures

     I've had the pleasure of meeting Bill at an Author Con in LA last year and his persona is amazing when he's dressed in costume at events and book signings. People flock around him to say hello, check out his books and get their photos taken with him....young and old alike, they all love pirates! Yes, that is Bill on the cover of his book!

     Click over to his website to watch his entertaining videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel so you know when his next video post goes live. Readers also enjoy connecting with him on FaceBook, so don't be shy, click over there and like/follow his page.

Bio:  Barnacle Bill Bedlam, a rowdy and contemptuous, two-bit rogue with a reckless thirst for adventure, began to chronicle his Tales years ago. His youth was spent as a traveling troubadour before he unearthed his true passion for sailing tall ships, black powder weapons, and sword fights.

     Wanted for 'Piracy of the High Seas' with countless acts against the Crown and general lawlessness, the Barnacle remains in hiding. It is only on occasion we receive a hint of his miscreant ways by receipt of another of his Tales. These books are a testament that Barnacle Bill Bedlam still sails the Caribbean seas...whereabouts unknown.

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