Thursday, February 22, 2018

Soul Mates Reconnect - Will It Work Out?

Deanna Jewel
Soul Mates Reconnect!

     In book two, Final Surrender, Kate returns to present time and a relationship she doesn't understand. As she and Brandon explore their feelings for each other, Kate realizes there are similarities from her past that she needs answers for. Brandon's pet wolf offers protection and watches her with familiar eyes, yet she can't place why.

      A raven makes itself known as it interferes whenever Brandon is around Kate and a man from her past is somehow living nearby. The menacing bird and the evil man are intent on harming her no matter where she is and they follow her and Brandon as they travel across the country. How can they get away from the demons intent on destroying their happiness?
     When she reaches out to her psychic friend, they're told of the connection of these demons who have traveled through time to finish their malicious separate Kate and Brandon!
     Book two is completed and will be released in early spring. Watch for the news by subscribing to my newsletter and get excerpts not shared with the public, as well as freebies for my subscribers! Get in on the contest below and then grab your copy of Never Surrender in paperback or e-format so you're ready for....Final Surrender!

Complete Surrender - Book 3

I've also started book three - Complete Surrender!

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