Friday, August 31, 2018

Pre-Order Winter Magic by T.M.Cromer!

T.M. Cromer
Paranormal Author

Winter Magic (book three in the series) release Sept 2nd but you can pre-order NOW to be sure you get the book whether you order paperback or e-format. Read about the story then click the links below to place your order. Help Tara with her book release success by placing your order. By using the share buttons at the bottom will let others know her books is available.

Feeling hurt and more than a little betrayed, Winter “Winnie” Thorne decides it would be best for her new lover to forget their relationship ever happened. In an impulsive move, she casts a spell and wipes his memory clean. The recollection of their time together is now hers alone.

Every time Zane Carlyle sets eyes on Winnie Thorne’s enchanting face, déjà vu strikes. It’s as if their first date has already happened and their first kiss has already rocked his world. He can’t seem to shake the feeling there’s something he should remember. After Zane gains his magical abilities, his suppressed memories return along with a burning anger at being tricked. Zane decides turn-about is fair play. 

When Winnie needs help recovering a charmed amulet, Zane offers his assistance, knowing it is the perfect opportunity to exact retribution for Winnie’s deception. This time, she’ll be the one who is played for a fool. But what starts out as a game of revenge turns dangerous when an old enemy resurfaces. Can Zane and Winnie put their differences aside to fight this deadly opponent, or will old wounds and animosity be their downfall?

About the author:
     T.M. Cromer loves to craft wildly entertaining stories designed to keep you glued to your seat, turning the pages to find out what the heck happens next. She specializes in kickass heroines and the men who adore them. Genres she has tackled include contemporary, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. 

While originally from New Jersey, T.M. spent most of her growing up years in a small beach town located in northeast Florida. Currently, you can find her hunched over her keyboard in a small town in central Illinois. When she isn't writing, she's at the beck and call of her fuzzy soulmate, Tinkerbell. 

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