Monday, October 15, 2018

Learn a bit about Deanna Jewel!

Deanna Jewel
Romance Author

     Do any of you actually know much about the authors you read? I'm not sure many of my own readers can say they know much about me so I want to change that. I've been writing for thirty years. That sounds like a long time, yet it's gone by fast. My husband and I are fortunate enough to travel and I use many of the locations in my books. I love that I can place my characters in those places, such as my story, Whispers at Ghost Point, Book two in the No Turning Back Series. We had dinner at the hotel in Savannah GA, toured a cemetery or two, as well as the lighthouse and Cape Fear area in Wilmington NC. Yes, I made it all the way to the top! I have had a few back surgeries so I took my time on the stairs but I made it!
     Paranormal is another favorite topic of mine and I used those facts in Whispers also. Anything ghosty I love. Some don't believe in the paranormal and ghosts, but I do and I wrote them into the lighthouse with Mitch and Dana. You can click on the website and find links to the area, the places Dana visited and the book trailer. As I wrote Whispers, a few areas had me spooked as I wrote them, which surprised me. I didn't think I scared easily, but I was wrong! LOL
     Another trip to Dubois, Wyoming is how my time travel romance, Never Surrender, came about. It's book one in the Surrender Series. The characters in that book came to me all at once and insisted I write their story. On the web pages for the series, you can click links that will take you to the areas in Wyoming where my characters lived, as well as view the book trailer.
     As far as my personal life, I don't put much out there. I have posted a few things on my page on FaceBook. You'll see photos of our cat, Zoie (in front below), who keeps us entertained. We lost her brother a year ago and that was hard after living with them for ten years. I swear I won't have more pets and the next thing I do is get another one. Not this time. I know at some point, we will lose Zoie and my heart will hurt again. No more pets, it's just too hard. We travel too much to make them live alone when we're gone, even though we do have someone who stops by daily to spend time with her and make sure she has food and water. I'm sure she thinks that she owns the house and we just live there!

     As to where we live, Northern Idaho is now where I call home.  We are two hours south of Spokane WA and Coeur 'D Alene ID. The weather is wonderful as we live in a basin surrounded by 3000 foot high hills. The summers can get as hot as 115 with very low humidity and our winters are usually mild at 40 - 45 degrees. We don't get much snow there, but that's not to say we never get snow, it just doesn't last long if we do. Seldom do we have to deal with 10 or 15-degree temps, but once in a while. I'm originally from Michigan so I know about snow and prefer Idaho! I have one daughter who still lives in Michigan and another daughter who lives in Kentucky with her family. I have four grandchildren and my husband has a grandson with us in Idaho. Both of my daughters and their families have visited us and they loved the area.
     We are also fortunate to have visited Mexico's beaches and oh my god, I love it there. So, yes, my characters will also honeymoon in those locations. Watch for them in my stories. On another side note about me, hubby and I are owners of a few tax offices so I'm not able to write often from January through mid-May. But once that time rolls around, our bags are packed and we're on the road for travels or fishing with friends, which we do a lot of in the summer. There, one more tidbit about us.
     I hope this has given you some insight into me as an author and a person who loves telling stories. I get the plots from the characters in my head that never go away. I thought everybody had characters in their but my husband has corrected me on that fact. Who knew! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my books enough to tell your friends about me, my books and characters. My Newsletter will keep you updated on what's coming next. You can sign up on the right or on my website. Thank you for stopping by!