Friday, March 27, 2020

Reader Contest as we all search for new books!

Reader Contests!

     Thank you for stopping by! With so many of us doing the right thing and staying home to be safe, many are looking for books. For those who are just now trying out my books, there is a contest for you! Thank you to those who have already purchased my stories. One of these contests is for you, too.
     Before we get to those, I have a bit of news to share. I have recently retired and can now write full time! I can't explain how excited I am to now have that opportunity. My plans are to be online with readers more often and stay in touch via newsletters to let you know what books are coming up for release. I'm working on three books now that need to be finished so I have my work cut out for me. I look forward to more time with all of you!
     Now, back to the contests. I'm asking those of you who have recently purchased my book in print to post a photo of you with my book or.....even with your pet and my book. I love those! Be sure to tag me in your post and photo so I can enter you in the Silver Feather Bookmark contest.
     For those who have purchased my books in any format, post a pic of the book (on your e-read if you did an ebook) and you or your pet, and I'll enter you in my Book Thong contest.
     For all who enter and tag me on FB or Twitter, I will also enter you into a Gift Card contest. The gift card will be $15 to the store of your choice (Amazon, iTunes, B & N, Starbucks).
     My books are on sale at a few sites right now and go until April 20th (My publisher, Doce Blant, has a coupon for 50% off on my romance novels in print format!) If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can grab the free e-book, A Flame of Hope, prequel to Jamie's Gift. My motivational book, Unleash Your Inner Strength, is always free at all online stores. Thank you, again, for stopping by. Please share this post with your friends so they can get in on the fun.



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     I have also created a new game for those who love jigsaw puzzles. Find my page at Jigsaw Planet to play with a variety of sizes and number of pieces.