Friday, February 5, 2021

Writer Prompt #1

Writing Prompt #1
What's in the Woods?

     Yes, I sniped this photo, thank you, spoke to me. Does it speak to you? I hope several of you leave a comment of a story. What's in these woods and what awaits at the end of the path? Imagine you're at a magical hidden resort and found this trail on your walk. What happens at the end and can you sense anyone else lurking? Go!! Leave your comment.....or even a short story!

Please share the link so others can write their story with us.

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  1. Stumbling a bit on the mossy rocks, I looked up to check my progress. Ahead lay a tree-covered path that led into a dark wooded area. As I contemplated what might be at the end, I began to sense a beckoning for me to keep moving. With curiosity at a high pitch, I wanted to find the source of this mystical feeling that heightened my heart rate to such a fevered pace.
    Glad that my walking stick kept me balanced, I carefully choose clear rocks for my footing and headed toward the dark end of the path. The deeper I walked into the woods, the earthy scent cleared my head and my skin began to spark against the damp air around me. I squinted to see further ahead, but the winding path prevented me from viewing anything. As I stopped to listen, twigs broke far off to my right.